Please pray for the protection of this Sacred Mission of Salvation

Please read the words of Jesus’ messages carefully and do not make excuses or exceptions based on your ‘interpretation’. If you are unsure, pray sincerely and reacquaint yourself with all the details contained in the various messages given about false and true prophets in The Book of Truth. To read the series of messages on this topic, as a group, you can go to the Prophecies Book of Truth WordPress site. The series is posted here:

Father of Love and Mercy

Please be aware that there are many people, including those who profess to be receiving messages from Heaven, who have recently but  firmly attached themselves to this mission to endorse the spreading of their messages and alleged holy images that DO NOT COME FROM THIS MISSION.

In the process, they are leading people away from the Book of Truth and the messages contained within it.

If you truly believe in the Book of Truth you will know that it is impossible for any new messages or sacred images pertaining to the Book of Truth or the Second Coming of Christ to be given to the world by God since this mission began.

Quote from message given 13 August 2012

“Many false prophets, who have come forward, will still shout at the top of their voices and those will be the only other voices competing for attention with these true final…

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