Crusade Prayers : New Mobile App.

There is no longer any excuse for not praying the Crusade Prayers! They can now be accessed easily wherever you are – in buses, trains, waiting rooms,etc.

A fellow Crusader in the Remnant Army contacted us about a new free Mobile App that he has developed for Crusaders. He asked us to share it with everyone.

1. Simply go to website listed below and follow instructions.

2- Intall the App into your device following the instructions of the pop-up. (It is different in android than in iOS)
3- Use the App at least ONCE with internet connection. Then  you can use it whenever you wish without internet.

It is available in English and Spanish. It is simple to install.

Access to English version:
 Access to Spanish version.
Once you have installed the app the menu will appear as below:
Full Crusade
Crusade by Days
Daily Prayers
Important Prayers
For Clergy
Then you simply select which prayers you want to say.
Hopefully, our prayers will be increased by millions by using this app!
Please pray for P… who developed the app. It can be your ‘thank you’. He has important decisions to make and needs our prayers.

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