In Honour of the Most Holy Family (on their Feast Day)


Today is the Feast of the Most Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the Novus Ordo liturgical calendar. It also happens to fall within the octave of Christmas 🎄 Although it is celebrated later in the Traditional Rite – January 12th, I could not wait to post this!
It is useful for reflection upon this Feast Day which honours that most special family which we can also now claim as our own family- and it helps us welcome the celebration of their relationship to us and one another, with love and joy- just as we welcome Christ at His Birth!

This is a message from our Mother of Salvation about the importance of families, from December 20th, 2014:

The Gift of Love is intensified at Christmas

My dear children, the love of my Son is never more prevalent than it is at Christmas.

At this time, during the celebration of His Birth, He floods souls with His love. It is at this time that you must live the love that was given to you, naturally, as children of God. You must cherish the Gift of Love, which comes from God and share this Gift with everyone you know.

The Gift of Love is intensified at Christmas in the souls of all God’s children and it is at this time you must acknowledge that love begins in the family. My Son was born into a family and this was for good reason. God manifested Himself – not as an individual sent on a mission, with no one close to Him, but within the Holy Family.

Love your families and forgive past transgressions. Love all those, including those who hate you. You can overcome hatred by sharing love and while this may be difficult at time, you will be stronger for it and at peace. Hatred is a negative emotion and drains the soul with a deep sense of unhappiness. It eats away at the core of the soul until it dies. Do not allow hatred to separate you from the Gift of Love, which is the most powerful grace, because it comes from God.

Love one another, as God loves each one of you this Christmas. Pray for those who have carried out any wicked act against you and ask my Son to relieve you of the burden of hatred.

God’s love in all its glory is witnessed in the family, which thrives on love. Such families, fortunate enough to feel love for each other, must spread this love to others who do not have love in their own lives. The person who are reared in a loving family, and who loves with a tender heart, touches the souls of others. This is how God’s Love is spread – from within the bosom of the family.

It was from the heart of a loving family, that my Son, Jesus Christ, set about in His Mission on earth to redeem man from sin. And so, this Christmas, I ask that you love one another and ask my Son to bless all families with the graces to love each other more.

The love that is present in a family can overcome all obstacles placed before it by satan. It is the family – the foundation of God’s Love – that is despised by satan. It is the family that is targeted by the evil one and he will do anything to destroy the family unit.

Love and unity in a family is a great Gift from Heaven and you must strive, always, to remain united at all times.

Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation.

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God bless you and your families from all the families of the Jesus to Mankind prayer groups all over the world. ✝️
Know that all the holy saints and angels celebrate with you (us) with great joy!

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