JtM Prayer meeting on Thurs 6th Feb: 2 Samuel 19: 32-44


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The theme was “Discipleship”. The readings, as our Crusaders and regular readers well know, are chosen randomly by randomly selected people present. We often comment on the O.T reading. We didn’t include it in the original post, so here it is now. As you will see, it is all about true discipleship and the reward that awaits us.

I often say, and will say again: Jesus is present at all our prayer groups.  He promised us this in the Book of Truth. The way the readings echo our themes are a sign to us of His presence. The themes are followed in a certain order, but this time I accidentally missed one.

The messages for all, who follow the Truth of Jesus’ Teachings are evident when you read it.

The Old Testament reading was 2 Samuel 19: 32-44

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was a man who did not seek material reward or comfort. He did not seek to withdraw from suffering. He knew that amidst luxury, his happiness was not to be found. Instead it was to be found in serving his king. He was a worthy and great man and he looked forward to a greater reward, in heaven itself. The king, recognising his honour and integrity, therefore honoured him and offered him whatever he asked. He kissed him and spent time with him before leaving. Barzillai asked not for himself, but for another.
This is how we also should approach life if we wish to be honoured by the King of Kings. If we are happy to serve Him honourably and do not shrink from suffering, He will give to us what we ask of Him in prayer- and our reward itself is, in serving Him. And with that we should be content. One day, however He will also welcome us into His Kingdom, as is also foreshadowed in this story.
The bickering of the Israelites and Judhaites are a direct contrast with Barzillai’s persona. They seek position and reward and pride of place; and not for any good reason. They did not learn from, or recognise Barzillai’s example, as David their king did.This is because they do not look or act with a mind tuned into integrity and holiness. They seek with a worldly mind. They are lumped as a whole in the biblical description of them; they are the majority- and none are remarkable.
I think that can often be said of us – and the blind majority of Catholics. How do we appear in all our bickering? And the witness of men of outstanding integrity, like Barzillai? There are few.
Read the original bible passage and reflect on David’s tenderness (and God’s love) for Barzillai.

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