If we look at Archbishop Viganò’s writings in the light of Archbishop Sheen’s discussion of Fatima, we can see that critics of Archbishop Vigano are wrong. Far from Viganò being the one drowning out the voice of God, it is actually the entire Western world that is guilty of drowning out not only the voice of God but even the very clear signs of His intervention in and movement through world events.


Mary, the West, and Russia’s Errors: A Defense of Archbishop Viganò


In his writings on Fatima and Russia, the Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheenpointed out that the world has “become so used to judging temporal events in terms of other events,” that it has lost sight of that “greater standard of judgment, namely, the Eternal.” Michael Warren Davis, in anarticleforCrisis, has recently accused another archbishop, Carlo Maria Viganò, of having fallen into precisely this error, becoming so absorbed in worldly events, so “swept away by trends in modern politics,” that he has let “the clamor of current events drown out…the voice of God,” and “blind him to the evils of the Russian government.”

I strongly disagree. In fact, if we look at Viganò’s writings in the light of Sheen’s discussion of Fatima, we can see that just the opposite is true. Far from…

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