Is this also Fulfilling prophecy? Part 2


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“…They must retain the Holy Missals, the vestments, the Holy Bible and the Holy Crosses….”

We are told to retain the Holy Missals and Bibles. This is because they contain the Truth. The words are not changed or twisted to mean something else. They do not yet contain new rituals and rubrics which are not holy or of God.

To make it easier, the rule for Missal translations was changed in an Apostolic letter “Magnum Principium”. See our post at:

Jesus also tells us that Bibles will be hard to come by. They will no longer be printed or sold. It is important that we have access to our Bibles to ensure that what we hear is the Truth. If Missal translations are changed, we may need our Bibles to check. If priests, bishops or the pope quote scripture, we may need to check our Bibles. We will have to discern which ones are staying true to the Faith established by Jesus Christ.

There is a spiritual war going on and the evil one will use all sorts of trickery to deceive us.

An excerpt from a previous  post:

Magnum Principium: “… new “Apostolic Letter” motu proprio, entitled Magnum Principium, in which the “Pope” makes a change to Canon 838 of Novus Ordo Canon Law, which pertains to the translation of liturgical texts. The modification was decreed to take effect on Oct. 1, 2017.”

… Whereas formerly approval by the “Holy See” was needed for liturgical translations, now the Vatican needs to merely “recognize” and “confirm” the translations made and approved by the local bishops’ conferences themselves.

Jesus  (in the Book of Truth messages ) alerts us to things to look out for:

“…  My Holy Mass will be changed beyond recognition. … When they present the new Mass, you will be left with no choice then, for you will know that it will no longer offer the Most Holy Eucharist….
The signs will include strange
new ways of adjusting prayers;

Watch, now, as the Truth will be twisted by the imposter. See how he will exalt himself in My Shoes, but will refuse to walk the path of Truth as a servant of God. (2013.03.28 @ 21:30)

My daughter, the change in the format of the Mass will soon be presented in My Church. The words which will be used to deceive you will include the phrase “for the good of all – for the unification of all God’s children.” The Mass will take on a new meaning. Forgotten will be My Death on the Cross and all the reasons for it will be re-defined. Remember on that day, My Words to you now.  (2013.06.29 @21:13)

“…They must retain the Holy Missals, the vestments, the Holy Bible and the Holy Crosses….”

Of  course in the past, we have seen many strange crosses being accepted by  Francis, including the hammer and sickle Crucifix, the Ying Yang Cross, and other crosses with Masonic symbolism.           See our post at








Bergoglio, Beast Crosses and Prophecy.


The FP’s aversion to the Crucifix

The Crucifix (unlike a simple Cross) is something distinctly Catholic. It is (meant to be) displayed in every Catholic Church. It MUST be displayed for the Consecration at Mass.

Bergoglio seems to have an aversion to it!  

Maybe he’s not Catholic?

When he gives a blessing he doesn’t make the sign of the Cross. When he was elected pope, he just sort of held his hand up. He always calls it a blessing, but it is not. It is like when he calls his pope videos “prayer intentions” but there is nothing to indicate that they are true prayers. God is never mentioned. If you watch him doing a Confirmation (see it on u-tube), he doesn’t anoint the forehead of the person with a cross – it looks like he is doing a scribble or circle-watch his hand.

He doesn’t even wear a cross, like all true, priests, bishops and popes do. During inter-faith prayer meets, he hides his pectoral ‘cross’ inside his sash or tucked inside his garment.

The Crucifix is the symbol of salvation. He wears a shape that vaguely is meant to look like a cross, but it has a shepherd with sheep on it. The parable of the good Shepherd is about Jesus saving the” lost sheep” but he did this when He died on the Cross. Without the Crucifixion, none of us would be saved!

The pf’s crossesProphecies in the Book of Truth:

“…and a new form of the Cross will be introduced. The new atrocity will not be based on the simple cross. Instead it will feature, discreetly, the head of the beast.” (April 30, 2013 @ 3:40pm)   and “ My death on the Cross will not only be dismissed and not spoken about, but the images of demons will be used as a substitute for My Corpus on the Cross.” (Monday, July 29th, 2013).

Also on Monday, February 3rd, 2014 @ 21:00:  “… I have to endure the agony of watching the beast, Satan, sit upon his throne, his arms resting proudly, feet apart, with the head of a goat, as he wallows in the adulation that is freely given to him by those he ensnares. The goat is a symbol of his infestation, where he devours the bodies and souls of all he possesses, through the sin of sexual immorality. … and the symbol of the goat and his horns will be visible in every gesture. …”

And on Tues. 11 March, 2014  ” “…The Bible will be challenged openly, by imposters in Christian churches and they will question every Teaching, which warns of the danger of sin. They will twist its contents and they will present a new red book with the head of a goat embedded within its cover, hidden inside the symbol of the cross…”

Prophecies fulfilled: New Forms of the cross:


The Good Shepherd is never depicted with His legs showing and a short tunic.

He is never depicted with His arms crossed over His chest hanging onto the sheep. This seems to be a freemason “skull and crossbones” symbol in the way the arms are crossed over the chest.


The Resurrexifix:

This style was condemned by Pope Pius XII In the Encyclical Mediator Dei, dated 20 November 1947

“…Thus, to cite some instances, one would be straying from the straight path were he to wish the altar restored to its primitive tableform; were he to want black excluded as a color for the liturgical vestments; were he to forbid the use of sacred images and statues in Churches; were he to order the crucifix so designed that the divine Redeemer’s body shows no trace of His cruel sufferings; …”

and the Beast cross:

Note that the shape outline (of both the Resuurexifix and the Beast cross) resembles the head of the beast. How might this be the head of the beast? Have a look at this photo:


The upside down “arrow” is commonly the goat head – the devil – with his two horns. Also a close up of the elaborate glass bulb which is supposedly Christ’s head, reveals instead a snake inside. (Prophecy fulfilled)


“Notice the 8-pointed star on the bottom. (of the Resurrexifix) This star is generally associated with paganism and astrology this symbolism will go well with the merger of all religions in the One World paganized Religion.

What is most interesting is that the 8-pointed star is also called the Chaos Star. One saying of Freemasonry is Order out of Chaos .”



The Yin Yang cross:

More freemasonry symbolism and paganism. It represents good and evil. Good is in evil and evil is in good. (evil is in God…)

See the Third Eagle explaining Pope Francis and the Perverted Cross at Third Eagle Media- available on Youtube::

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Bergogliweird-symbols-crosso marched in the streets (April 2014) with the pastoral staff given to him by the inmates of San Remo. Look at the symbols at the bottom. And again, no Corpus!


hammer-and-sickle-crucifixThe communist Hammer and Sickle cross:

Given to pf in Bolivia in July 2015.

The hammer and sickle is the Communist symbol uniting labour and peasants.

During this tour he lashed out in his speech against the capitalist system. This one actually has a corpus, but what blasphemy equating the cross with a communistic (atheistic) symbol. Bergoglio stated he was not offended with it. There is also some weird circle thing hanging around his neck. I have no idea what that is.

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The beast image in new prayer book in Germany:







At the canonmother-teresascanonization-crossization of Mother Teresa as St Teresa of Calcutta on the 4th Sept, 2016, a vial of her blood was put in the centre of a plain cross as a relic.

See Third Eagle (William Tapley) ‘s analysis below: Details about the cross begin at about 3.50 mins:

(for your discernment…)