35. Discerning Prophets: Messages from The Book of Truth

22 August 2013 @ 11:05pm

I must warn the world of the large number of false prophets, who at this time try to drown out My Voice

My dearly beloved daughter, I must warn the world of the large number of false prophets, who at this time try to drown out My Voice.

I have sent a number of prophets, all with different missions, to prepare God’s children. These Messages, regarding the end times, are the only authentic Messages of their kind, at this exact time, for I would never confuse God’s children.

These Messages must never be compared to others, which are being spread everywhere, right now, in order to contradict My Holy Word. There can only be one Book of Truth – only I, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, can reveal the contents. Those of you who believe in Me can be so easily fooled. You must know that messages, which contradict these and where it is claimed that they come from God, that this is impossible.

Do you trust Me only a little? Or do you embrace Me as I desire you to, with a full and open heart? I Call out to you with love and concern. I do not try to appeal to your intelligence. I Call to you through your heart and I draw your soul to Me. When you feel My Presence in these Messages, then there is no need to seek endorsement or approval from anyone.

I Am as I Am. I stand before you, as it was meant to be, now. My Father would never permit Me to reveal the content of the Book of Revelation to anyone else but the seventh messenger, for this day has arrived.

Many authentic visionaries have given the world the Word of God in the past and suffered terribly for this. Many still receive consolation from Me and I will continue to communicate to them, for I need their suffering and prayers. They are My chosen souls and each has a role to play in saving other souls.

This Mission is the last. I instruct you to heed My Word, now, in the present. Only My Word, given to you through these Messages, will guide you through the persecution.With them, I bring you great Graces. You must never insult Me, by contaminating them, when you challenge My Word, when you compare My Messages with the fiction produced by false prophets.

You do not need anyone to guide you towards My Great Mercy. You must focus only on these Messages and remain loyal to My Teachings of old, now, for they are your saving grace.

Your Jesus.


Key Points about Discerning Prophets:
  • There are a large number of false prophets
  • A number of true prophets have been sent to prepare God’s children, but their missions are different
  • The Mission given to this prophet, and this prophet onlyin these exact times, regards “the end times” and are the only authentic Messages regarding this, for God would never confuse His Children.
  • These Messages must never be compared to others
  • Any messages which contradict these, do not (and cannot) come from God.
  • There is only one Book of Truth – and only Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, can reveal the contents.
  • People who love or believe in Jesus can also be easily fooled. (If you are confused due to a seeming contradiction, it is likely because you are reading a false prophet)
  • When you open your heart and feel the Presence of God in these messages, you will not need to seek approval or endorsement from anyone.
  • Jesus wants us to trust Him more than a little! He wants us to come to Him with a full and open heart.
  • Jesus calls to us out of love and concern.  He does not try to appeal to our intelligence. He calls to us through our heart- and draws our soul to Himself.
  • God the Father only permits Jesus to reveal the content of The Book of Revelation- and only to the seventh messenger (no-one else) for the day has arrived.
  • There are other authentic visionaries. Many authentic visionaries have given the world the Word of God in the past and suffered terribly for this. Many still receive consolation from Jesus and He will continue to communicate to them, for He needs their suffering and prayers. They are His chosen souls and each has a role to play- in saving other souls.
  • This Mission is the last. Jesus instructs you to heed His Word, now, in the present. (Read the Words meant for now)
  • Only Jesus’ Words, given to us in these Messages, will guide you through the Persecution.
  • With these Messages, comes great Graces.
  • Do not insult God by comparing them with the fiction produced by false prophets.
  • You do not need anyone to guide you towards God’s Great Mercy.
  • Focus only on these Messages and remain loyal to My Teachings of old, now, for they are your saving grace.

JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting on Friday 27th Dec. 2019


Prayer Theme:  Discipleship

Prayers are Groups A &E : (See https://remnantdisciplesjtm.com/crusade-prayer-group-format/ for details).

(N.B. The prayer theme is chronological, and all the readings are chosen by volunteers and the books opened randomly after a prayer by the whole prayer group to the Holy Spirit (i.e. Crusade Prayer 51)


BibleEzekiel 13: 1-16                                                

Book of Truth31 May, 2014

Book of Truth: 15 Dec. 2012

Bible Reading

Ezekiel 13: 1-16    

Against the Prophets of Peace. 1 The word of the LORD came to me: 2 Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel, prophesy! Say to those who prophesy their own thoughts: Hear the word of the LORD! 3 Thus says the Lord GOD: Woe to those prophets, the fools who follow their own spirit and see nothing. 4 Like foxes among ruins are your prophets, Israel! 5 You did not step into the breach, nor repair the wall around the house of Israel so it would stand firm against attack on the day of the LORD. 6 False visions! Lying divinations! They say, “The oracle of the LORD,” even though the LORD did not send them. Then they expect their word to be confirmed! 7 Was not the vision you saw false? Did you not report a lying divination when you said, “Oracle of the LORD,” even though I never spoke? 8 Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Because you have spoken falsehood and seen lying visions, therefore, for certain I am coming at you—oracle of the Lord GOD. 9 My hand is against the prophets who see false visions and who make lying divinations. They shall not belong to the community of my people. They shall not be written in the register of the house of Israel, nor shall they enter the land of Israel. Thus you shall know that I am the LORD.

10 Because they led my people astray, saying, “Peace!” when there is no peace, and when a wall is built, they cover it with whitewash, 11 say then to the whitewashers: I will bring down a flooding rain; hailstones shall fall, and a stormwind shall break forth 12 When the wall has fallen, will you not be asked: “Where is the whitewash you spread on it?” 13 Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: In my fury I will let loose stormwinds; because of my anger there will be flooding rain, and hailstones will fall with destructive wrath. 14 I will tear down the wall you whitewashed and level it to the ground, laying bare its foundations. When it falls, you shall be crushed beneath it. Thus you shall know that I am the LORD. 15 When I have poured out my fury on the wall and its whitewashers, it will fall. Then I will say to you: No wall! No whitewashers— 16 the prophets of Israel who prophesy to Jerusalem and see visions of peace for it when there is no peace—oracle of the Lord GOD.

Comment: (By Remnant Child of Mary)

False prophets abounded in Israel before and do so again now. These people profess that they hear God’s Word and speak it to His people but they do not speak the Word of the Lord God. They invent things from their own imagination and speak instead from themselves. Their lies are like a flimsy wall which obstructs the Truth. Their followers try to whitewash over the cracks and imperfections by explaining them away. These cracks are the heresies and lies and theological errors which show them up for the lying visions and words that they profess to come from God.
“Pope Francis” fits the exact description of a false prophet whose followers try to whitewash his walls of obfuscation and heresy. These walls of lies will come tumbling down and be seen for what they are. The followers of these false prophets will be flattened with them. Never try to whitewash and cover for a false prophet. It will not be profitable and does you a world of harm to follow their misguidance.
A true prophet is spoken to by God directly. God speaks and the prophet obeys. He gives the exact words as spoken by God (despite the human penalties which may follow). He does not promote a false sense of peace. He calls out sin for what it is. He turns peoples hearts truly back to the Lord. His prophecies come true – because they are of the Lord.
Be ruthless in discerning true prophets from false. Do not make  excuses. The criteria by which to judge them are here in this passage and in many passages of the Bible. And be warned because the Lord God is also angered by those who equally kill his true prophets or refuse to listen or seek to silence them. These days that killing off is accomplished with words and exclusions as much as with stones and deep wells.

Readings from the Book of Truth

Mother of Salvation: This Gift of Protection for children has been commanded by my beloved Father

31 May 2014 @ 4:20pm

“My dear child, I wish to call upon parents of children and young people, all over the world, to consecrate them to my Immaculate Heart.

My Precious Son, Jesus Christ, desires that I do this, as He will cover them with His Precious Blood and so keep them safe. He wants you, dear children, to do this because He will grant great Graces upon them. This Gift of Protection for children has been commanded by my beloved Father.Through His Son, Jesus Christ, He promises great Graces and those children who are presented to me will be protected from the influence of the spirit of evil. 

My Son will do all that is required to unite all families in His New Paradise and by consecrating your children to me, the Mother of Salvation, great Protection will be given to every family whose children’s names are offered to me.

My love for God’s children is very special, for I am the Mother of all God’s children. It will be through me, the Mother of Salvation, that souls consecrated to me, will be saved through the Mercy of my Son.These souls will not be tempted by the deceit, which will be presented to the world by the antichrist.

You must recite this Prayer once a week, before an image of me, your beloved Mother, and bless yourself with Holy Water before you recite it. 

Crusade Prayer (153) The Gift of Protection for children:

O Mother of God, Mother of Salvation,

I ask that you consecrate the souls of these children (List them here…) and present them to your beloved Son. 

Pray that Jesus will, through the Power of His Precious Blood, cover and protect these little souls with every kind of protection from evil.

I ask you, dear Mother, to protect my family in times of great difficulties and that your Son will look favourably upon my request to unite my family in one with Christ and grant us Eternal Salvation. Amen.

Go and be thankful for the Love that God has for His children. Great Mercy and Blessings will be accorded to every child and young person whose name you present to me for consecration to my Son.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation”

I Am an all forgiving God, ready to grant you freedom from the sins, which entrap you

15 December 2012 @ 9:45pm

“My dearly beloved daughter, I desire to reach out to those of you who are troubled in your lives at this time.

I call on those of you who are in deep sin and who are despairing of ever finding comfort because of the pain you are in. You may be guilty of grave sin, including murder, abortion, violence, sexual depravity, or you may have dabbled in the occult, but don’t you know that all you must do is to turn to Me and ask Me to help you?

I Am an all-forgiving God, ready to grant you freedom from the sins, which entrap you. These sins can be banished from your life. All it takes is courage. Remember there is not one sin, other than the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit that I will not absolve you of.

It is not that sinners cannot remain in a state of grace for a long time, which blocks you from seeking My Pardon. It is the thought that I could never forgive you that keeps you away from Me.

My Mercy is so great that it will be given to those who ask for it.

I call out to all of you who are unsure of My Existence. I ask that you trust in Me. By confiding in Me, communicating with Me and asking Me to forgive you that you will receive the answer you crave.

I will respond and you will feel this in your heart when you recite the Crusade Prayer for the Grace of My Mercy for wretched sinners.

Crusade Prayer (89) For the Grace of Mercy for Wretched Sinners

Dear Jesus, help me a poor wretched sinner, to come to You with remorse in my soul.

Cleanse me from the sins, which have destroyed my life.

Give me the gift of a new life free from the shackles of sin and the freedom, which my sins deny me.

Renew me in the Light of Your Mercy.

Embrace me in Your Heart.

Let me feel Your Love so that I can become close to You and that my love for You is ignited.

Have Mercy on me, Jesus, and keep me free from sin.

Make me worthy to enter Your New Paradise. Amen.

Remember it is not because souls are worthy to enter My Kingdom that they receive reconciliation. It is because My Mercy is so great that I can save every single sinner if only they would seek the courage they need to ask Me for help.

I love all of you with an abiding passion. Never reject My Love or Mercy as without them you will sink further into sin and remain lost to Me.

When you recite this prayer, I will respond in such a way that you will find it very difficult to turn away from Me again.

Your beloved Jesus”


Today our prayer group was amazing- as always. Jesus is always there to guide us in our readings. As this was Christmas week, and yesterday was Boxing day, and we are all busy with family we could not have a prayer group yesterday. But we felt bad about not having one, so we thought that those who could, would meet today. I thought that maybe if we could only get 3 of us… but we ended up with 7 (half our usual number).

The Bible reading was so relevant, in terms of what has been happening recently, particularly with Francis’ comments about Mary being “Mestiza’ and that her title of “Co-redemptrix) is foolishness! (Look out for a post shortly on FP’PF treatment of Our Blessed Mother). Also, the Bible reading reminded us of God’s anger when God’s Word is mistreated and turned into lies – (see 7 year history of the false prophet.) The bible mentioned flooding rains and  hailstorms. In this country we have bushfires burning on a scale that we have never encountered before; our farmers are in drought and our main drinking water supply in Sydney (Warragamba Dam) is at a dangerously low level. So yes! God is certainly angry with the abortion laws up till birth which are now in place in every state, euthanasia is already in some states; Sydney has the huge Mardi Gras parade each year; transgender and same-sex marriage laws, laws against the seal of Confession.

God reminded us today of what is important – His Love, but also His Justice! He reminded us of His plans to save all our families – just by saying a simple little prayer and calling our children by name and consecrating them to the protection of His own Mother. He also reminded us of His Love for all sinners – no matter how horrendous their crimes – just by calling on Him.

One of my grandchildren gave me a plaque for Christmas. She said it was for our “prayer group” . She doesn’t know that I always say “Jesus is with us at every prayer group”, but the plaque said: ” Where 2 or 3 are gathered in My Name, there I am.” I was so touched, because she is still at school and spent her little amount of pocket money for that gift.






JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting Thursday 21 Nov. 2019


Prayer Theme:  Warning and Antichrist

Prayers are Groups A & G: (See https://remnantdisciplesjtm.com/crusade-prayer-group-format/ for details).

(N.B. The prayer theme is chronological, and all the readings are chosen by volunteers and the books opened randomly after a prayer by the whole prayer group to the Holy Spirit (i.e. Crusade Prayer 51)


Bible: Isaiah 9: 1-6

Book of Truth:  21 Feb.  2012

Book of Truth: 31 July 2014

Comment: The Bible Reading – on the Darkness, and Christ the Light – brought us Hope and Joy, for we too, feel the darkness in the world today. The Readings from the Book of Truth also told us of how the darkness will spread, but reassured us that Christ is our Rock – the Foundation and Cornerstone and He is the Church which  will remain standing until the end of time. He warns us of what is to come, but reassures us of Great Graces, which He has reserved for us for these times. He is the Light in the Darkness of the world today.

Bible Reading

Isaiah 9: 1-6

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;
Upon those who lived in a land of gloom a light has shone.
2 You have brought them abundant joy and great rejoicing;
They rejoice before you as people rejoice at harvest, as they exult when dividing the spoils.
3 For the yoke that burdened them,the pole on their shoulder,
The rod of their taskmaster,you have smashed, as on the day of Midian.
4 For every boot that tramped in battle,every cloak rolled in blood,
will be burned as fuel for fire.
5 For a child is born to us, a son is given to us; upon his shoulder dominion rests.
They name him Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince of Peace.
6 His dominion is vast and forever peaceful,
Upon David’s throne, and over his kingdom, which he confirms and sustains
By judgment and justice, both now and forever.
The zeal of the LORD of hosts will do this!

Readings from the Book of Truth

Why do you reject My Warnings to prepare for My Second Coming?

21 February 2012 @ 7:45pm

My dearly beloved daughter, how you suffer in My Name and that of My beloved Father. You must be strong, as these Messages will provoke outrage in some quarters, although they will inspire and give strength to other souls.

My Holy Word was rejected by learned men, during My Time on Earth.

I was dismissed as a fraud by the priests and those who claimed to be holy men.

Those of you who say that the treatment meted out to Me was barbaric, would be right, that people who lived in those days were uneducated, coarse and wicked, that they were cruel in their treatment of Me, their beloved Saviour.

Some may say that they were ignorant and knew nothing of Holy Scriptures. But this is not true, because those living in the world today, although they are more educated and knowledgeable, are no different.

Those, whom you would expect, fully versed in the Holy Bible, to be alert to the Teachings therein, are blind to the Truth.

For all their understanding of My Father’s Holy Book, they have failed to prepare for the time when I will come again.When did they think they would be accorded this time?

The time is drawing very close to My Second Coming on Earth. Yet, mankind has not prepared themselves for My arrival. Even My sacred servants do not preach of the importance of this Most Glorious Event. Why is this?

Have you learned nothing? What is it that I have to do? When did you think I might come and why do you think that the time is not near? What is it that blinds you and blocks your ears to the sound of My Voice?

Drop your cloak of gold, silver and riches and accept that you are nothing, without Me. Without My Graces, you cannot prepare your souls for My Glorious Return.

My beloved Father always sends prophets to prepare His children. He has been doing this since time began. Why then do you reject My warnings to prepare for My Second Coming? I beg you to listen to Me.

I cannot command you to listen, for you have been given the gift of free will. I can never force you or give you the command to take action. For this is impossible. My Father will never interfere with your free will. But He will never hesitate to warn you, guide you and flood your souls with Graces to make you strong.

For those with open hearts He will give them the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Those guilty of pride, religious snobbery and arrogance, will find it impossible to open their hearts, because they lack the most important quality of allhumility. Without humility and generosity of heart, you cannot come close to My Sacred Heart.

Come to Me, children. Let Me take you into My flock, so like a Good Shepherd I can lead you to safety.

Your Jesus

Redeemer of Mankind


I never change. I never adapt to new ways, for I Am as I always Was and will Be. I Am Eternal

31 July 2014 @ 3:50pm

My dearly beloved daughter, every visionary, seer or prophet, who comes from Me, will soon face great trials, the likes of which they have never had to endure before. Many, who recognize their authenticity and who have been loyal to them, will turn their backs on them and they will be cast to one side, as the spirit of darkness envelops nation after nation, where love and charity will disappear. Man against man, country against country, man against God.

These periods of upheaval will be distressing for many and your only source of comfort and strength will come from Me, but only if you seek Me out. I Am your Rock; the Rock which is impenetrable; the Rock which cannot crumble; the Rock which you will embrace when nothing solid will be in place in the houses which give shelter to My Spirit. Edifices, which have been built to honour Me, will come tumbling down. Some will be turned into other buildings, which will be used for other purposes, but not for honouring Me.

I Am the Rock upon which the Church was built and I will remain in place for eternity. Many have come seeking Me out and I gave them Life. Others came, but could not find Me because their stubborn hearts were lacking in love and a generosity of spirit. And now, as everything I taught you will be challenged and the foundation upon which My Church was built be shaken, beyond your understanding, I will still remain in place. Solid as the Rock that I Am, and you will come to Me seeking solace, strength and courage. I will respond to each of you, by the pouring out of the great Graces, which have been reserved for you, for the times which lie ahead. I Am the Church. I Am Present in the Church. The building is made of stone, but I Am the Rock, upon which the foundation of My Church was built. I never change. I never adapt to new ways, for I Am as I always Was and will Be. I Am Eternal.

My Church will remain standing, for I Am the Church, until the end of time.

Your beloved Jesus