Prophecy, Pledges and Anti-Allegiance

Another prophecy has been recently fulfilled, at least in part. God warned us that Catholic clergy will be asked to take a pledge of allegiance to the False Prophet (Francis) and not to Him, Jesus Christ, Lord and God. This is clearly wrong and has a sinister aim which some priests, bishops and cardinals may not be aware of. We owe allegiance and obedience to Christ and His Church, not man. The Free Masons in the Vatican  want to lead you into a new one world religion and change the Mass. This pledge is the first step.

These 9 cardinals who have already signed the pledge have no idea what they are in for. It is a trap – to keep them there and make it difficult to leave when they realize the truth.

“Heed now, My warning – side with the beast and swear an unholy oath to honour heresy and you will find it very difficult to prise yourselves away from his vile grip. Pray that you will have the wisdom to see the Truth. (Book of truth, 20th Oct. 2013)

The laity will also eventually be asked to make a pledge which will be part of a new rite of Confirmation.This has not yet happened. If you utter these false words of allegiance, you will be separated from God and find it very difficult to return to Him. You are blessed for having read these words-now warn others!

(Message from the Book of Truth reproduced from the fatherofloveandmercy blog site).

They will be asked to pledge their allegiance, through a new oath, to remain faithful to the Church

My dearly beloved daughter, the plan by the false prophet to deceive the world’s clergy has begun.

Under the guise of a renewal and regeneration of the Catholic Church, all the clergy, within this Church, will be sent on retreats to encourage them to accept the new apostolate. These will become widespread and many will be told that the objective is to unite everyone in the world, in the name of justice. This new mission will, they will be told, embrace the world’s poor and strive to bring about unity.

They will be asked to pledge their allegiance, through a new oath, to remain faithful to the Church. They will not be asked to place their faith in Me or My Holy Word. Instead, they will swear allegiance to the new self-proclaimed leaders who have taken over the Chair of Peter.

Make no mistake that those who have been bestowed with the Gift of Holy Orders will be asked to participate in a falsity, where I, Jesus Christ, will not be at the forefront, though it will appear to be the case. Money will be a driving force and a new financial organization will be set up to control the seeking of funds to ensure that the world’s poor will benefit.

When you amend your Holy Orders, in any way, and then pledge your life to someone who breaks all ties with Me, you will no longer be fit to serve Me. Everything will be seen to be made simple in the Eyes of God. The plan will be to convince those sacred servants of Mine to take part, willingly, in the abomination, which will link society and a secular world with the Church, which was set up by Me, Jesus Christ.

This is how I will be insulted. Every effort to embrace secularism will be applauded by non-believers and this will be seen to be a good thing, for the new, so-called modern society of today.

It will soon seem strange to Christians when they see members of the secular world embrace the Catholic Church, so enthusiastically. But many will brush off their doubts and dismiss their concerns, as they will fall for the great deceit. At the kernel of this plan to revolutionize the Church lies a hatred for Me and everything that I gave My Church. You must question everything in the days ahead. Demand answers when they change My Teachings and twist them to suit pagans. No disciple, appointed by Me, would ever be given the authority to do this, for it amounts to blasphemy.

Woe to those who allow My Holy Word to be tampered with and allow room to be set aside to show respect for those who deny Me.

Your Jesus

The  fulfilment of the above prophecy:

(Reported in the article by LifeSiteNews at this link below:

Council of Cardinals pledges allegiance to Pope Francis

ROME, February 13, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – In an odd note without explanation placed on the Vatican’s daily press briefing today, the Council of Cardinals, a group of 9 Cardinals which Pope Francis has delegated to work with him on reform, has pledged allegiance to the Pope.

“In relation to recent events, the Council of Cardinals pledges its full support for the Pope’s work, assuring him at the same time of its adhesion and loyalty to the figure of the Pope and to his Magisterium,” said the note.Pope Francis poses with cardinal advisers during meeting at Vatican

The statement comes in the wake of two public expressions of dissatisfaction or concern with Pope Francis that hit the streets of Rome in the last week.  The first was a poster campaign which saw dozens of large posters plastered around the city. They noted Francis’ dismantling congregations, removing priests and more, and asked in conclusion, “Where is your mercy?” The second was a satirical version of the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano painting the Pope as answering the dubia with ‘yes and no’ to each question.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, last week criticized the poster campaign as a “work of the devil.” However, the Cardinal was criticized for his condemnation of the public expression of the faithful given that he has direct access to the Pope, whereas the laity do not.

Responding to his criticism of the poster campaign, blogger Hilary White, LifeSite’s former Rome correspondent, said: “Really? They’re not the methods we’re supposed to use? What would your eminence suggest? Dubia, perhaps? Formally submitted by the lawful authority and in accordance with the requirements of Canon Law? How’s that working out?”

The Council of Cardinals’ statement of allegiance would seem to suggest that public campaigns are more effective at reaching the Pope than the many official complaints of Cardinals, Bishops, priests, and faithful.

The members of the Council of Cardinals are:

Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, SDB, Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Honduras (coordinator)
Giuseppe Bertello, President of the Pontifical Commission for the Vatican City State
Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa, Archbishop-Emeritus of Santigo de Chile
Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay, India
Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Germany
Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya, Archbishop of Kinshasa, Congo
Seán Patrick O’Malley OFM Cap, Archbishop of Boston, USA
George Pell, Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, Vatican
Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State, Vatican


Please pray for these Cardinals and for all bishops and priests that they will not fall for this deceit. Warn those you are able to.

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!” (Luke 23:34)






JTM Crusade Prayer Meeting Thursday. 18th February, 2016

Crusade Prayer Theme: Discipleship

Overview and Thoughts on Readings chosen Today.

In the Bible Reading today (see reading below), the Bible tells us of the Jews, who lived as peaceful farmers, and of some local generals who did not like this.
The reading tells us of a great deception, which led to the death of many of the Jews. The town gathered to vote to invite the Jews out on a boat ride, but they ended up at the bottom of the sea. As they were peaceful people, they had no reason to suspect anything. Judas, a leader among the Jews, gathered his people together to fight against this injustice. With God on his side, he killed those who had perpetrated this crime, then set forth to rescue another town which was in similar danger.

This reminds me of the great deception, which is soon to descend on many unsuspecting Christians, which will lead those who are unsuspecting, to their eternal death. The story gives us hope. It reminds us (as disciples of the Remnant Army), that we too will have leaders amongst us and that with God on our side, we will win. God gave us this Bible reading today to fill us with inspiration and courage.

The first reading selected from the Book of Truth seems to follow on from the bible reading. Our Mother of Salvation tells us of those who will control many nations because of greed. It tells us of the deceptions to come and how those who recognize it as such will suffer. It tells us of the oath which will replace the Apostles’ Creed. But our Blessed Mother reminds us that she will help us if we ask- that we “will be given extra strength at this time” She reminds us that we “will be mocked for failing to recognise the new interpretation of Catholicism and Christianity”.

The second reading from the Book of Truth is from God the Father who warns us of the lies which will be put forward by satanic cults and New Age doctrines. He warns us of the trials which will intensify, and reminds us that we must prepare. God the Father tells us how many will be fooled by satan and that they haven’t got a chance, unless we pray for them, and never stop praying for them.
God the Father has reminded us of our duties as disciples and also of our ultimate reward in the New Kingdom.

Bible Reading

NJBible – 2Maccabees 12:1-12

1.These agreements once concluded, Lysias returned to the king and the Jews went back to their farming.2 Among the local generals, Timotheus and Apollonius son of Gennaeus, as also Hieronymus and Demophon, and Nicanor the Cypriarch as well, would not allow the Jews to live in peace and quiet.3 The people of Joppa committed a particularly wicked crime: they invited the Jews living among them to go aboard some boats they had lying ready, taking their wives and children. There was no hint of any intention to harm them;4 there had been a public vote by the citizens, and the Jews accepted, as well they might, being peaceable people with no reason to suspect anything. But once out in the open sea they were all sent to the bottom, a company of at least two hundred. 5 When Judas heard of the cruel fate of his countrymen, he issued his orders to his men6 and after invoking God, the just judge, he attacked his brothers’ murderers. Under cover of dark he set fire to the port, burned the boats and put to the sword everyone who had taken refuge there.7 As the town gates were closed, he withdrew, intending to come back and wipe out the whole community of Joppa.8 But hearing that the people of Jamnia were planning to treat their resident Jews in the same way,9 he made a night attack on the Jamnites and fired the port with its fleet; the glow of the flames was seen as far off as Jerusalem, thirty miles away.

10 When they had left the town barely a mile behind them in their advance on Timotheus, Judas was attacked by an Arab force of at least five thousand foot soldiers, with five hundred cavalry.11 A fierce engagement followed, and with God’s help Judas’ men won the day; the defeated nomads begged Judas to offer them the right hand of friendship, and promised to surrender their herds and make themselves generally useful to him.12 Realising that they might indeed prove valuable in many ways, Judas consented to make peace with them and after an exchange of pledges the Arabs withdrew to their tents.

Readings from the Book of Truth

Mother of Salvation: You will be mocked for failing to recognize the new interpretation of Catholicism

11th September, 2013

My child, my Heart is entwined with that of my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, at this time of great sorrow when the persecution of all of God’s children is increasing.
Every person in the world, particularly those without money, influence or possessions, will suffer because of the greed of those who control many nations. My Work to help my Son achieve the final part of His Covenant to save humanity has begun to be seen in many ways. I will, by the Power of God, guide all of those who are distraught with grief, because of the suffering in their lives, into the Refuge of my Son’s Protection. Those who have to endure such poverty, such hunger, such anguish, such injustice – whatever it may be – will be comforted when you ask me to pray for you.

Those of you who have to suffer, because you bear witness to Jesus Christ, the Saviour of humanity, will be given extra strength at this time when you ask Me to help you. The greatest injustice within my Son’s Church will soon be witnessed, where both ordinary believers and sacred servants alike, will be accused of disobedience against the Teachings of Jesus Christ.

You will be asked to take an oath – to be recited like the Apostles Creed – to declare your allegiance to an altered form of worshipping God. By swearing, through this oath, not acknowledged in the Most Holy Bible, you will place your soul in great danger. The liturgy will be changed and new additions declared, while other parts, recited for many years, will no longer be made known. This wicked plan will be justified because they will take all the attributes associated with my Son and declare these to be the reason for such changes.

This is why those of you who are loyal to my Son will find it deeply disturbing and your souls will suffer greatly. And while you will continue to pay homage to my Son, you will be mocked for failing to recognise the new interpretation of Catholicism and Christianity. You must never lose courage, during these trials, because you are, dear children, favoured by God and He will remain with you right up to the end.
Never turn away from the Truth. Never believe anything, which did not come from God.
Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

God the Father: Warning about Satanic cults and new age doctrines

2nd March, 2012
My daughter, the trials of mankind will intensify during the final cleansing required before the Second Coming of My beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

The Earth is being prepared for this Glorious Event, promised as the greatest Gift by Me, since the Creation of Paradise.
Await this Event with great anticipation for this New Paradise is what every man, woman and child will strive for.
Prepare yourselves so that you, your families and friends are fit to walk the ground in My New Kingdom, which will be under the Reign of My dearly beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

Ignore this request, children, and you will forfeit your rightful inheritance.
Were sinners to glimpse just one minute of this Glorious Creation, they would fall to the ground and beg for Mercy to enter the Gates.
Only those who hold a simple and pure love for Me, their heavenly Father and My beloved Son, Jesus Christ, will be able to enjoy this new, peaceful and glorious existence.

Sadly, Satan has blackened the souls of many of My children, so they will be unable to discern Truth from fiction.

My daughter, terrible lies are being perpetrated by Satanic cults and new age doctrines.

My poor children, seduced by lies, which are couched in a colourful mirage, believe in a new planet.
They are being promised a different kind of paradise. But it does not exist.
When Satan seduces and wins the hearts of those who believe in him, he torments them for eternity. If you saw the terror in their faces when they, after death, find themselves in the clutches of Satan, it would tear your heart in two.
So wretched are they, that it is important that you warn these souls of the torment that lies ahead.

Pray for them. Never stop. In many cases only the suffering of victim souls can save them from Hell.

To those who believe in Me, God the Father, I call on you now to denounce false gods, false idols, false doctrines, fortune tellers and new age doctrine, all of which amount to nothing. All have been created by the king of deceit, Satan, a cunning liar. He will stop at nothing to draw away from Me, My precious children.

I beg you, children, to pray for these souls as a consolation for Me, your beloved Father. Comfort Me. In time you will understand the mystery of My heavenly Kingdom.

In time the mystery of My Divine Will, will be revealed. In time, you, through your loyalty and love for Me, will help Me unite My family, at last, in the Kingdom created for all of My children in the beginning.
Thank you, My daughter, for your suffering. Thank you My children, for responding to My Call from the Heavens.
I give all My blessing now, but you must ask Me.
“Heavenly Father, help me to become little, as a child, in Your Eyes. I ask for Your Graces to fall upon me so I can respond to Your Call to save all of Your children. Amen.”
Your beloved heavenly Father
God the Most High

Note: Readings are chosen at the end of the prayer meeting and after a prayer to the Holy Spirit to help us choose the readings.

Thank you Lord for our Prayer meeting today and for your teachings. Amen.