Crusader Will: Gimme that Old Time Religion



True is true, and false is false.

Take me back to the Church of my  youth.

There can be found what’s needed underground,

With the old brought out instead of the new,

And tabernacle veils out in full view,

And I’m all God’s in spirit and truth

Where there’s statues on altars and flowers in bowls,

Thuribles ablaze with smoking coals,

Pretty little bells and holy water shells,

And I’m all God’s in spirit and truth.





We trusted our instructors

To maintain their integrity,

But the longer we probe, the stronger has grown

Our sense of futility.


My bones shriek out

The juggernaut rout

Of the high-minded lead we once received.

But keep searching on

And see how much has gone

Between the launching of the scam

And the bursting of the dam,

And what scope’s there now for spirit and truth


Where women are women and men are men,

With nothing in between beyond our ken,

And nothing untoward from the huckster’s hoard,

And we’re all God’s in spirit and truth,

Spirit and truth, spirit and truth.


God provides!

Last week, my husband and I embarked on a long car trip to attend a wedding in a small town, approx 8.5hrs North of where we live.  We planned to travel between 10am and 6.30pm with minimal stopping. Before we left I had already been on the road for approx 2 hours+ due to morning drop offs , so I was pleased that he would drive and I could rest most of the way.

Halfway through the journey we accidentally took a wrong turn which put us on a different, much longer route. It added at least 2hrs 15 mins more and a long, gruelling, dark, foggy, twisting road towards the end.

We did not discover the error until we had travelled an hour on the inland route and annoyed, but optimistic enough at that stage, we decided to continue.

As we passed through a beautiful sunny Country town, I noticed an impressive original 19th century sandstone convent with beautiful stained glass windows called St Joseph’s of Lochinvar. This convent had belonged to the Sisters of St Joseph, to which order our dearly beloved St. Mary of the Cross (Mackillop) had belonged. It had been a very large convent with many nuns. Perhaps our daer saint, had even stayed there.It had an auction notice  explaining that the “contents” would be auctioned on the Saturday to come – (i.e. in 2 days’ time).

Immediately I started thinking…”What a rare, unique opportunity to find some religious items that Jesus said we need, such as sacred vessels and maybe even a tabernacle!” But the wedding was on Saturday! How could this be done? I asked my husband whether, if my mum were to buy a few things from the convent auction, we could possibly pick them up for her on our return trip, the following Tuesday, if the auctioneers agreed to hold them? Forgetting where we were, he agreed.

I pondered the likeliness of all this working, which also relied on online bidding being available but all I could hear was L.(prayer group member) saying over and over to me, “Donna, we need a tabernacle! Where are we going to get one?” after many prayer group gatherings. And I always thought, “Why on earth does she keep asking ME?!  That’s not something I can do!”

Nevertheless her nagging stayed in the back of my mind, and I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without trying!

So I sent a short text and  email to my mother. My mother’s story follows:

I received Donna’s text. I was pretty busy, so I didn’t have much time to think about it, but I did pass it on to others in the prayer group. The next night, a thought came into my head, that Donna didn’t pass by this auction on purpose. She was meant to see the sign. Then I remembered that just a few weeks before, our prayer group readings were all about the desecration of churches and I remembered the discussion that followed amongst us.

This was my comment at that time “So to sum up – get ready for the changes and the deceit. Go to Adoration while you still can! Gather up many Crosses, Crucifixes and Bibles. And it sounds as if we should be on guard for when they throw out the gold tabernacles – rescue them if we can.” (See Post JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting 25th February, 2016). I can’t believe that I had that thought 2 weeks previously!

Wow!!! We are meant to follow this auction up and try to get some tabernacles. A few of our group drove up to the auction the next day. I decided to put in an online bid – then I watched and participated in the auction live on the screen.

I managed to get a tabernacle and so did another person in our group. I was worried that people would be after the tabernacles for their scrap metal value – but the group from our prayer group who went up there, said that it seemed like the people bidding for the tabernacles were all Crusaders.

When Jesus tells us to prepare – we must do so. After all, He is present at each prayer group, guiding us. He goes to a great extent to show us the way, if we just stop and listen.

Thank you, Lord. I am glad we listened and didn’t ignore your gentle signs. Amen.