The Four Horns, the Four Smiths and the Four Cardinals


By Donna Liane (19/11/2016 4:40:00 PM)

Today I felt drawn to, and went to the Bible to read. I opened on a short passage about a symbolic vision and it’s meaning as explained by God’s angel.

Zachariah 1: 18-21 (see note and alternate reference below)*

It was called “The Horns and the Smiths”:

What struck me as I read:

There were 4 horns which scattered Jerusalem.

There were also 4 smiths to strike the horns down and lay them low.

Immediately I knew that the four horns referred to the 4 cardinals and the current situation regarding the ‘Dubai’  published recently which was directed to Pope Francis.

The four horns (or announcements) in this current situation are the proclamations made by Pope Francis, which surreptitiously seek to destroy and scatter the faithful. The last entitled, “Amoris Laetitia”  has caused the  4 Cardinals to speak up at last; to cast the horn down & lay it low.

In keeping with this current interpretation of the vision, the other three horns would be his other published proclamations:

Lumen Fidei, Evangelii Gaudium, Laudato si and Amoris Laetitia, as mentioned.

If you are not from the Catholic community, the ‘dubai’ or ‘doubts’ formally raised by the Cardinals which seek clarification as to whether FP is trying to change or deny church teaching (which he cannot do) on some significant matters of faith and morals, (eg.the nature of sin and forgiveness and the worthy reception of Holy Communion) is a BIG DEAL! They are seeking to force the ‘pope’ (really an enemy of Christ) to reveal his true intentions or beliefs. They cannot prove him a deliberate persistent heretic unless he reveals the meaning of his teachings and his refusal to retract the errors. They are issuing a formal and now public correction of his heresies.

The next step may be, more or less, to declare him or his teachings anathema and to declare him an anti-pope. They may elect a new pope but this will depend on  Pope Benedict (emeritus), who is still a valid and true Pope.  In fact,  this is a big and serious task for the few, courageous Cardinals and is not being taken lightly. For now, their job, as described in the vision, is clear. Read on…

Zachariah 1: 18-21 (Douay Rheims)

[18] And I lifted up my eyes, and saw: and behold four horns.

[19] And I said to the angel that spoke to me: What are these? And he said to me: These are the horns that have scattered Juda, and Israel, and Jerusalem.

[20] And the Lord shewed me four smiths.

[18] Four horns: The four horns represent the empires, or kingdoms, that persecute and oppress the kingdom of God.

[20] Four smiths: The four smiths, or carpenters (for faber may signify either) represent those whom God makes his instruments in bringing to nothing the power of persecutors.

[21] And I said: What come these to do? and he spoke, saying: These are the horns which have scattered Juda every man apart, and none of them lifted up his head: and these are come to fray them, to cast down the horns of the nations, that have lifted up the horn upon the land of Juda to scatter it.


*The Douay Rheims, NIV (New International Version  and RSV (Revised Standard Version – Catholic Ed.)   –   The  reference is Zachariah 1:18-2

Both the Jerusalem Bible and the CTS New Catholic Bible have a heading entitled ‘Second Vision’. It looks like Chapter 2, but the numbers of the verses have a double numbering system so that it can read Zachariah 1: 18-21 or  2: 1-4.

In the new American Bible, the Reference is Zachariah 2: 1-4


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