In case you missed it: Samson And Delilah! (Relevance for our times)

Commentary on the Bible reading from last prayer group:

We always think about what is God trying to say to us today, through His Word, in the circumstances of our lives. Sometimes we see connections more easily than at other times..

In the story we interpreted Samson  as symbolizing God’s chosen race and the enemy/temptress as Delilah.  (In fact, Samson had been dedicated to God at birth).

Samson felt very close to Delilah and didn’t seem to take all her plottings very seriously. He was deceived by lust whereas she, by power and money. We perceived that she pestered and plotted against Samson continually until Samson was tired and weary and, in a moment of weakness, told the enemy what they wanted to know.

He let down his guard; he told them all that was in his heart! We Christians – as part of the Remnant of God’s people – will also be pestered and provoked, perhaps by people close to us, whom we don’t expect.

Samson was persecuted (eyes gouged out) and imprisoned. But his hair ( the source of his strength) started to regrow. The Christian remnant today will also be similarly pestered and persecuted, and even imprisoned; when we let our guard down. But our strength (Faith in the Lord) will be restored – so that we can fight another day!

When we fall, or falter or fail, we must be penitent and call on God. God answered Samson’s prayers and his strength returned. What happened next to the enemy is quite spectacular! Read the whole story here:

Remember that the enemy will never defeat God’s people.

With God at our side, who can defeat us?




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