Bergoglio and the relics of St Padre Pio and St Leopold Mandic

On February 9th, 2016, (the vigil of Ash Wednesday), Bergoglio delivered a speech to the ‘Missionaries of Mercy” – priests who would go out during this Year of Mercy.

In his speech, Bergoglio spoke of  the language of gestures – that often people can’t verbalize their sins through shame, and that the priest should give them absolution. @14m:10s

The following email was received from a fellow crusader (and blogger)– making a connection that I was not aware of:

“The other thing to note is that when this was said by the FP on Feb 9,

He did so in the presence of PADRE PIO’S BODY and ST LEOPOLD MANDIC’s body, the saint of the confessional.

So more MOCKERY !


Pray for Us St Padre Pio and St Leopold Mandic!


Is this Mercy or is this a diabolical disorientation?

Bergoglio commenced his talks on Mercy. As usual, there were blatant errors deliberately twisting the Truth. Excerpts are reproduced below. The complete article can be seen at:

The article explains the reasons for this new series of talks:

This week he began a new series of catechesis dedicated to mercy according to the bible, a decision he said he made so that we can “learn mercy by listening to what God himself teaches us with his word.”

Vatican City, Jan 13, 2016 / 04:34 am (CNA/EWTN News).- On Wednesday Pope Francis launched a new series of catechesis on mercy for his general audiences, telling pilgrims that the love and forgiveness of God can’t be overcome by anything, including our sin…

It’s always love that “makes the first step, that doesn’t depend on human merits but gives an immense gratuity,” he said, adding that nothing can stop divine solicitude, not even sin, because it knows how to go beyond sin, overcoming evil and forgiving it.” 

Error insinuated: we don’t need to confess or atone or be sorry for sin as nothing can stop divine solicitude; the evil in us is overcome and forgiven automatically-just by God’s mercy (or divine solicitude). Not true. We have free will. We cannot be forgiven without true repentance and desire for this. Mercy does not overlook evil or sin! As a friend pointed out:

If that were the case:

  1. Jesus would not have needed to be crucified for our personal sins or to remove the effects of Orginal Sin
  2. We would not need the Sacrament of Confession
  3. Everyone would automatically go to heaven
  4. Therefore we can do what we like without consequence!

This is not only erroneous teaching but promotes evil.

Bergoglio goes further. After references to the Old Testament, he proceeds with the story of the Prodigal Son:

Pope Francis then referred to the parable of the Prodigal Son. After the younger son took his inheritance and squandered it, the father never abandoned him or closed himself in resentment, but continued to wait for his return.
Once the younger son came back, the father ran to meet him and embraced him, Francis said, explaining that “so great was the love and joy for having found him again, (the father) didn’t even allow him to finish his confession – it’s like he covered his mouth.”

We all know what is wrong with this. It is NOT in the Gospel passage at all and there must be whole-hearted repentance, which we express through Confession. God is Perfect Mercy but also Perfect Justice. There cannot be one without the other. Is Bergoglio trying to set us up for the removal of the Sacrament of Penance, because we don’t need it if God’s mercy is all that is necessary?

Donna’s comment:

“That is so terrible! I had a horrible flash of being suffocated to death by his phrase that “the father didn’t even let him finish his confession; as if he covered his mouth”! Suffocating us to eternal death…

Only the father of lies would do or say that- prevent a true and full confession.

Confession is not for Father-God who knows all our sins, it is for US-who need to confess all our sins with true sorrow!!

The devil wants us to die in our sins unconfessed and be suffocated by them to eternal death.

This is a horrible, evil lie and deception. Woe to the man who listens and believes in what this false man says!

This is truly the work of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.



Here we go – That phrase – again!!

Pope Francis: obstinate Christians are rebels and idolaters (18th Jan. 2016)

See extract of article below. For full article click on following link

In this sermon, PF is simply reinforcing what he has said over and over – “the God of surprises” the “surprises of the Holy Spirit”, and the “newness of the Spirit”.

He doesn’t specify what these surprises are – not yet. At this stage he is preparing us psychologically for changes – i.e. “surprises” – which are to come. They will be drastic and will overhaul all that has ever been part of our practice and Apostolic Tradition. But if we are primed for changes, it will be easier for Catholics/ Christians (who have not discerned the truth) to accept them. And he keeps reminding us to expect them.

Just in case we don’t accept them, he has to convince us that they are from God – so he uses these phrases – the God of surprises: and the “surprises of the Holy Spirit.” Because he has endeared himself to many people – proven to be a man of the modern world, and because he is after all, the pope – whom many people think cannot err – people will swallow it all – hook, line and sinker!

We don’t exactly know what the changes will be– but there are clues. Just read up on what occurred in the Synod. Changes to marriage and laws for who can receive Holy Communion, will change the perception of the Holy Eucharist. There will be a ripple effect and before we know it, we won’t need any Sacraments because we are all children of God; God loves us all, God is infinite mercy, etc.

He mentions “fasting”. I wonder why? He said “there is another reality”. I wonder what it is? Without (prayer and) fasting, a very strong spiritual weapon will be taken away from us. We will fall like a deck of cards.

Just to make it all sound authentic, he uses stories and parables from scripture in a new way to make his point.

People are so gullible. It is so clear! It pains me to the core of my heart and my soul.
Without the Eucharist, how can we possibly have the strength to bear it all?

Jesus mercy, Mary help!
St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us!

Read his homily below ( Monday 18th January):

(Vatican Radio) Christians who say “it’s always been done that way,” and stop there, have hearts closed to the surprises of the Holy Spirit. They are idolaters and rebels will never arrive at the fullness of the truth. That was the message of Pope Francis at Mass on Monday morning at the chapel in the Casa Santa Marta.
In the first reading, Saul was rejected by God as King of Israel because he disobeyed, preferring to listen to the people rather than the will of God. The people, after a victory in battle, wanted to offer a sacrifice of the best animals to God, because, he said, “it’s always been done that way.” But God, this time, did not want that. The prophet Samuel rebuked Saul: “Does the Lord so delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obedience to the command of the Lord?” Jesus teaches us the same thing in the Gospel, the Pope explained. When the doctors of the law criticized Him because His disciples did not fast “as had always been done,” Jesus responded with these examples from daily life: “No one sews a piece of unshrunken cloth on an old cloak. If he does, its fullness pulls away, the new from the old, and the tear gets worse. Likewise, no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the skins are ruined. Rather, new wine is poured into fresh wineskins.”
“What does this mean? That He changes the law? No! That the law is at the service of man, who is at the service of God – and so man ought to have an open heart. ‘It’s always been done this way’ is a closed heart, and Jesus tells us, ‘I will send you the Holy Spirit and He will lead you into the fullness of truth.’ If you have a heart closed to the newness of the Spirit, you will never reach the full truth. And your Christian life will be a half-and-half life, a patched life, mended with new things, but on a structure that is not open to the voice of the Lord—a closed heart, so that you are not able to change the wineskins.”
This, the Pope emphasized, was the sin of Saul, for which he was rejected by God. “It is the sin of so many Christians who cling to what has always been done and who do not change the wineskins. And they end up with half a life, [a life that is] patched, mended, meaningless.” The sin, he said, “is a closed heart,” that “does not hear the voice of the Lord, that is not open to the newness of the Lord, to the Spirit that always surprises us.” This rebellion, says Samuel, is “the sin of divination,” and obstinacy is the sin of idolatry:
“Christians who obstinately maintain ‘it’s always been done this way,’ this is the path, this is the street—they sin: the sin of divination. It’s as if they went about by guessing: ‘What has been said and what doesn’t change is what’s important; what I hear—from myself and my closed heart—more than the Word of the Lord.’ Obstinacy is also the sin of idolatry: the Christian who is obstinate sins! The sin of idolatry. ‘And what is the way, Father?’ Open the heart to the Holy Spirit, discern what is the will of God.”
Pope Francis noted that in Jesus’ time, good Israelites were in the habit of fasting. “But there is another reality,” he said. “There is the Holy Spirit who leads us into the full truth. And for this reason he needs an open heart, a heart that will not stubbornly remain in the sin of idolatry of oneself,” imagining that my own opinion is more important than the surprise of the Holy Spirit.
“This is the message the Church gives us today. This is what Jesus says so forcefully: ‘New wine in new wineskins.’ Habits must be renewed in the newness of the Spirit, in the surprises of God. May the Lord grant us the grace of an open heart, of a heart open to the voice of the Spirit, which knows how to discern what should not change, because it is fundamental, from what should change in order to be able to receive the newness of the Spirit.”

The God of ‘Surprises’

I cringe whenever I hear this phrase, uttered very often by you know who.
Does he think people are so dumb? (Apparently so!!)

When he talks about being open to the Holy Spirit, he’s implying that everything a priest or bishop or himself does or says, is as a result of the Holy Spirit working in a new direction. We know this is utter nonsense. It is just a way of justifying sin in a new way – making out that all our doctrines and teachings have been wrong for 2000 years – that we got it all wrong – in fact Jesus must have got it all wrong and what the evangelists wrote isn’t what they really meant!

The phrase “the God of surprises” or “the Holy Spirit surprises usis a cover up for the evil intent of the changes which he himself (NOT the Holy Spirit)  is planning to introduce.

This man, Bergoglio, has made many inferences about change, and all his desires for change: for Lutherans and other Protestants, the divorced and remarried, homosexuals, women priests,  etc. Well, guess what? He is well on his way.

Firstly, last year (2015) he issued the new annulment reforms, which the committee was still in the process of formulating. But he went right over them and just announced it according to what he wanted. The Synod was meant to have a say in this, but he hasn’t even announced this yet.

Today, (21st January, 2016) I read how he has given a directive to Robert Cardinal Sarah about changes to the Maundy Thursday foot washing ceremony. As if this is a surprise! Each year since 2013 he has done his own thing. The ceremony by the Pope is meant to symbolize Christ washing the feet of his apostles, – teaching them how to serve their flocks. It is meant to be for “faithful” (read practising) “People of God”. We might all be God’s children – he created us, but we are not all “People of God”. We need Baptism for that.

He denigrated it to a ceremony where anyone is invited – Moslems, women, etc. He took it to new heights by having it in a prison, not in a beautiful, sacred place where the highest honour can be given to our Lord and King. What an insult! Now, any and every priest, (except those who will DARE to disobey) can (or will have to) do the same, because it is now law. I can see what is coming this year – women (who can never be priests), practising homosexuals (who are not repentant and don’t intend to be). The recent Vatican Pope Video should give us a clue.

Poor Cardinal Sarah – he was given the document to announce! I feel he is a good bishop, but he is trapped in his position as prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. He needs a lot of prayer. He needs to get out of there. Better to be sacked like Cardinal Burke.

Bergoglio, will start with these (small) things and then proceed very quickly to changing the Mass and the Sacraments. In fact, why do we even need Sacraments?! He will do it by stealth, and you will be surely told of all the wonderful reasons that these changes are necessary – and it will sound good – in human terms, of course.
Don’t you know? It is the Holy Spirit working, who is working in the world today to change sin into something seen as good. In fact, there is a spirit working – but it is not the Holy Spirit!

The good thing is that these changes exclude the Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Rite). Our dear, good popes John Paul II and Benedict, knew what they were doing when instigating the Motu Proprio, etc.

Get ready for a wild ride this year. There will be no limits and almost everyone will welcome all the changes with open arms, and those who don’t will be too afraid to say a word.

See a less emotional article at:

The English translation of the Vatican declaration can be seen in full at the Rorate Caeli link listed above.

Excerpts from Vatican Information Service:

“After careful consideration”, he continues, “I have decided to make a change to the Roman Missal. I therefore decree that the section according to which those persons chosen for the Washing of the feet must be men or boys, so that from now on the Pastors of the Church may choose the participants in the rite from among all the members of the People of God. I also recommend that an adequate explanation of the rite itself be provided to those who are chosen”.

To manifest the full meaning of the rite to those who participate in it, the Holy Father Francis has seen fit to change the rule by in the Roman Missal (p.300, No. 11) according to which the chosen men are accompanied by the ministers, which must therefore be modified as follows: ‘Those chosen from among the People of God are accompanied by the ministers’ (and consequently in the Caeremoniale Episcoporum No. 301 and No. 299 b referring to the seats for the chosen men, so that pastors may choose a group of faithful representing the variety and unity of every part of the People of God. This group may consist of men and women, and ideally of the young and the old, healthy and sick, clerics, consecrated persons and laypeople.
This Congregation for Divine Worship and the Disipline of the Sacraments, by means of the faculties granted by the Supreme Pontiff, introduces this innovation in the liturgical books of the Roman Rite, recalling pastors of their duty to instruct adequately both the chosen faithful and others, so that they may participate in the rite consciously, actively and fruitfully”.

The original Vatican declaration can be seen at :

“ Decreto della Congregazione per il Culto Divino e la Disciplina dei Sacramenti sul Rito della “Lavanda dei Piedi”, 21.01.2016”


Francis And His Errors: “Jesus came into the world to learn how to be a man…”

[Francis said:]

Even though Jesus is God, He “is annihilated, He humbled Himself and became a servant. This is the glory of the Cross of Jesus”. [He added:] ‘Jesus came into the world to learn how to be a man, and by being a man, walk with men. He came into the world to obey, and He obeyed. But he learned this obedience from suffering.” (Homily at Domus Sanctae Marthae , September 15, 2014 – Original complete Spanish text.

The new website (run by a group of priests with permission of their bishops ) at  answers Francis’ comments very thoroughly.

Answers include Fathers of the Church, Catechism of Catholic Church, Scripture, as well as our dear good Popes Pius XII, John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

Below is a summary  – a taste – of the contents of their replies.

Click on the link above to read their post in full.

Teachings of the Magisterium

Table of contents
I – Was Christ obedient only in suffering?
II – In journeying with mankind, was Christ’s intention that of simply lowering Himself or of elevating man?
III – The correct interpretation of Philippians 2:8: “He humbled himself, becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross”

I – Was Christ obedient only in suffering?

Sacred Scripture
– My food is to do the will of the one who sent me
– “I do not seek my own will”
– Christ came down from heaven to do the will of the Father
– Jesus’ works are all from the Father
Catechism of the Catholic Church
– All the works, wonders and signs are proof of His obedience to the Father
– The Word made flesh willed humanly in obedience to his Father all that he had decided divinely
– “I have come to do your will, O God”
– Jesus was also obedient in moments of glory

II – In journeying with mankind, was Christ’s intention that of simply lowering Himself or of elevating man?

Saint Irenaeus of Lyons
– The Son of God became man so than man might participate in divine filiation
Saint Athanasius of Alexandria
– That elevate us to the divinity
Liturgy of the Hours
– To make us sharers in the divinity
Saint Thomas Aquinas
– Christ came to manifest the truth and free man from sin
Catechism of the Catholic Church
– The Word became flesh so that thus we might know God’s love
– Jesus is the model for the Beatitudes and the norm of the New Law
John Paul II
– Christ came to reestablish the truth in the relationship between man and God…
– … to free mankind from the slavery of sin, evil and death
– God has elevated humanity to a superior destiny of intimate union with Him
Pius XII
– Christ came into the world to glorify the Father and give himself as a victim

III – The correct interpretation of Philippians 2:8: ‘He humbled himself, becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross’

Saint Thomas Aquinas
– Christ’s humility reflects His majesty
Benedict XVI
– From the splendor of divinity, Christ chose to descend to the humiliation of ‘death on a cross’ to then manifest Himself in the splendor of his divine majesty
Theodoret of Cyrus
– A path overflowing with love and justice to liberate man
Saint Athanasius of Alexandria
– Christ underwent death in His flesh to offer Himself for us through death to the Father
Benedict XVI
– Jesus’ death stems from his free choice of obedience to the Father’s plan of salvation
John Paul II
– Through the suffering of the Cross Jesus Christ has returned to the love which was betrayed by Adam through sin
– The mystery of the Incarnation and Redemption expressed in Philippians 2:8

Judging Francis

See who judges Francis…

• Sacred Scripture

• 38 Popes (see summary of what Pope Benedict tells us in excerpt below)

• 10 Ecumenical Councils

• 7 Fundamental Texts

• 15 Roman Congregations

• 18 Fathers of the Church

• 13 Doctors of the Church

• 8 Synods and Episcopal Magisterium

• Other Documents and Saints

Benedict XVI…

…judges Francis’ idea that spiritual direction is a charism of the laity

Priests have the munus docendi, the task of teaching – they must answer the fundamental questions about what we must do in order to do good

An essential part of the priest’s grace is the task of putting others in touch with God
Christ tends his flock through the Pastors of the Church

Every priest is called to help the penitent to walk on the demanding path of holiness

Listening to the confessor’s advice is important for the spiritual journey of the penitent

In the saintly priest, the Christian People recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd

…judges Francis’ idea on adulterine unions

The trials of Christians are indeed numerous, but they must be faithful to God in their marriage

Materialistic ideologies tell us it is absurd to observe God’s commandments

The only joy that fills the human heart comes from God: the cross of Christ

The Church has received from its Founder the mission of showing people the way to true happiness: fidelity to the words of Christ

…judges Francis’ idea on family

An institution of natural law based on the marriage between a man and woman

 Marriage has value as a natural institution and as a Sacrament Raised to the dignity of a Sacrament, marriage confers greater splendor and depth to the conjugal bond

The Lord is the centre and heart of the family

 The family is a necessary good, fruit of the love and total self-giving within marriage

 Today the essential characteristics of Sacramental marriage are misunderstood

Today the crisis of the family impresses upon children an erroneous typology of the family

The natural structure of marriage is the union of a man and a woman – this principle comes from human nature itself and not only from faith


Read Pope Benedict’s teachings in the complete articles in a comprehensive new website at:


What does God think?-The Pope Video

Thought for the Day (Sunday 10th January)

I had just been reading and reflecting upon the repercussions and impact of the Francis’ recent global video prayer request known as “the Pope Video”. At night I am in the habit of opening my Bible to read what I believe God reveals to me through His Holy and Living Word. I do not choose the passage. I open my Bible with simple faith and He provides.

I’d like to share these with you more regularly. His Word is for ALL his people. If you are not in this habit already (of reading your Bible daily) then you need to make this a priority.

First, to have the context, you need to watch this blasphemous video:


This is the Bible Reading I opened upon thereafter:

2 John: 9-11

Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of CHRIST, does NOT HAVE GOD.

He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has BOTH the Father and the Son.

If anyone comes to you and DOES NOT bring THIS doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him. For he who greets him shares in his evil deeds.


Also you may read the various comments made by people which expose the errors of indifferentism within the video. We have provided one comment for readers, below:

DAVE WEBSTER commented on The “Pope Video” condemned by the Catechism of the Catholic Church – More Analysis. in response to Donna Liane’s Thought for the Day (above)

“Right to the point Donna!

So why is it that those who know Christ and reject Him or merely would not accept Him if they did hear, DO NOT KNOW the true God?

Simply because Christ revealed what God was truly like and that means those who have or who would reject Him do not know the true God.

Certainly there are varying degrees of divergence from the correct understanding of the true God that non Christians have, but all contain error which misrepresents the true God.

It is a serious deceit to merely call these “differences.” These “differences” are errors and can have fatal consequences. For starters these can leave followers of false religion justified in actual mortal sin.

False religions also divide peoples and nations which lead to conflict and war. The dominance of Protestantism in England and the US opened the door for the capture of both these nations by the rabidly antichrist Rothschild bankers and the Masonic Illuminati.

If one does any research at all they would know that the so called “Reformation” which threw out the Catholic Church’s strict laws against usury, opened the door to England and the US becoming the BEAST upon whose back has ridden the Great monetary, banking and commercial Whore of Babylon. That Anglo-American BEAST has created the greatest havoc in the world.

The weakness of Protestantism is now an open book. This divided Christianity has left the Catholic Church itself vulnerable to the Great Whore and the BEAST. If we make this observation about the seriousness of Protestant “differences” what could we say for Muslim “differences”! And we are not putting all Protestants or Muslims individually in the same boat!

It’s the overall effect in the world of all that is not completely of Christ which has divided us and brought us to the edge of human extinction.