Little prayer group miracles

Testimonies given at Jesus to Mankind Regional Meeting Oct 2013.

Part of the agenda for the day included testimonies given by people from various prayer groups all over the state.

One lady wrote her miracle down, others got up and spoke their testimonies. It was clear that there were many more, but that there was no time to hear them all. For example, our prayer group did not speak of our miracle. This was also because our miracle was very similar to another lady’s, who gave great detail (see *1). One Phillipino woman said that since starting a Divine Mercy Prayer Group, she has had miracles very frequently, almost daily, and she chose only her favourite story to tell. That seemed to be the general feeling: people nodded their heads as if in agreement; that they had similar experiences. I personally agree. Some signs might seem quite little to others but we know their significance. God is sending them frequently, as if to underline the importance of this work.

Prayers with a heavenly scent.

The first story was a written account given to the person conducting the meeting  to read aloud.

A woman had a small prayer group and was trying to re-format the Crusade Prayers into larger print for her group to access the next day. She wanted to give them to her friend. She said she had a lot of difficulty because they wouldn’t format on the page properly and she had spent hours of work on it, but it wouldn’t print properly. It was by now late at night (after 10.30pm) and she felt too tired to continue.

She stopped to pray and be-moaned the fact that she had wanted to do this work for Our Lord but wasn’t able to do so and was saying ‘sorry, Jesus’. Then she thought she’d have one more look at the Crusade prayer site before she went to bed. Lo and behold, she found that you could download the prayers in large print format already! So she set the printer to 10 copies and waited up a bit longer to assemble them.

Suddenly, she noticed this beautiful perfume. She went out to ask her husband in the next room whether he had sprayed any air freshener, but he said he hadn’t moved from the lounge. She continued to investigate and after a while, she brought him in to ask him if he could smell anything. “Roses” he said. Bringing her older children in, they also confirmed this, and the source. The heavenly scent was coming from the printer (or the printed pages). Smelling the remainder of the ream of A4 paper, showed that the plain paper had no scent at all. It was coming from the Words of the Crusade Prayers themselves!

The next day the scent remained upon 2 of the prayer books printed and the other prayer group ladies could therefore witness to this miracle themselves.

A leap of faith

The Filipino lady, with an American accent, spoke next.

The miracles began after she started reading the Messages and as a result, started a Divine Mercy prayer group in her home. She had a joyous smile as she recounted just one of her favourite miracles.

She was stuck in a job where she was constantly attacked. She decided to take a leap of faith and leave, despite having no new job offers. One person tried to convince her not to do so (a boss?) recounting that another lady who left found it so difficult that she could not get another job in the industry and was still looking after 6 years. Undeterred and suddenly filled with the Spirit, she reproached the man saying, “But don’t you know who my Father is?!” ‘No’, he said, puzzled, “who is your father?” “My father is God the Almighty in Heaven!” she replied.

For about a month after that she applied for jobs but concentrated more on her faith and prayer life while she had time. It was getting to the point of monetary hardship and she prayed daily, “Jesus I trust in You!” After saying the Chaplet one night, she received a mysterious text message asking her if she was still interested in the job to call this number. Well, she didn’t know what job and she didn’t recognize the name or company.

Then the phone rang and she answered it saying that she had just finished saying the Chaplet of Mercy (it was very late to receive any call at that hour) and the lady on the other end said that she had just finished saying the same prayer! It was an employer. Even more mysterious, the Filipino  lady could not remember applying for this job and the office had no record of her application, nor any cover letter; only her resume, which kept appearing on the top of the pile. That was the reason they rang; to find out when she had applied for this job. But she couldn’t tell them because she honestly didn’t know.

Needless to say, she was employed by that company most urgently and has not regretted leaving her former job ever.

The loaves and the fishes.

Another lady decided to spread the Seal of the Living God by printing copies to give out at a friend’s party that night. This was a brave move, as you can imagine, to give to a largely secular party at a private function.

Initially she set the printer to 60 copies and prepared to go to work but then decided there should be more, one per person (120) and hastily set it to print more copies. On her way to work, she suddenly realized that her printer would have run out of paper and she felt sad- because she had wanted to do this work for Jesus and now wouldn’t have enough.

Taking her little pile of Seal prayers to the party, she started to give them out. At the end, the host asked her, ‘How many did you run off?” Apparently there were 140 people at the party and every single one of them went home with a Seal of Protection Prayer!

When she got home, the lady went to pray and read her Bible and opened straight upon the passage of the sign of The Loaves and the Fishes!

A conversion story

Lastly a man who was a lawyer described his complete conversion, after reading the messages. He wore a large St. Benedict cross around his neck. He described his profession as very corrupt, as was his behaviour and the people he mixes with.

Since then he has become a new person and walks only in honest ways, in serving the Lord. He has been attacked for it, as you’d imagine. Once he was physically attacked by the devil at a suburban train station- violently and inextricably, he felt like he was being kicked in the stomach. Later he read the message about how the devil attacks people and how it coiuld feel like being kicked in the gut, which of course made sense to him.

The typhoon and the Seal of Protection

Lastly, on my way out I stopped to speak to a quiet Filipino man and his two teenage daughters. We didn’t speak long but he asked me if I’d heard the miracle that happened over there during the typhoon? In one particular place, the entire village was decimated-except for one house left standing untouched, in the middle of all the destruction. The man who owned it said he had the Seal of the Living God inside its walls.

More signs
This is all in addition to the fact that our own prayer group has experienced a miraculous sign (the heavenly rose-like scent) as well as my 13 year old daughter and myself seeing the miracle of the Sun at the start of Holy week; myself feeling a hand physically upon mine as I prayed the Rosary and my 7 year old daughter experiencing the presence and smell of the Lord (ie. incense) while praying with us in the car.

Many other signs I have had from The Holy Bible itself.
For example, at the time, when a particularly damning article on Maria Divine Mercy came out, I asked God in prayer, if I was being deceived, to show me. Much later that night (5 hours later when I’d completely forgotten all about my prayer), I unwrapped a new Bible given to me as a gift by my friend because I had promised I would look at it.

Opening randomly to read a passage, my eye fell to the bottom right hand corner of the right page, where was written (in tiny writing) a notation (explanation) of part of the Sacred Text. Referring to Daniel 10:21 was written:
“The Book of Truth; a heavenly book in which future events are already recorded”.