Lenten Program Instructions from the Book of Truth


“Lent is a time of quiet reflection, of personal sacrifice and an opportunity to pray for the mitigation of war in the world. These few weeks of Lent must be used to prepare your souls and those of your brothers and sisters.” (2-22-12)

 Every week of the Lenten period

  • Fasting once a week. Make small sacrifices according to your desire. Use this time to help Jesus battle for souls. Reflect on Jesus’ life on earth and His Gift of Dying on the Cross to give us Eternal Life. (22-2-12)
  • Pray the NOVENA OF SALVATION (CP130: 3x) in one of those Lenten weeks so that all souls will be granted immunity from the fires of Hell and be granted salvation. (12-01-13)
  • Recite the Holy Rosary every day with every Fridays of Lent to saying the four mysteries of the Holy Rosary between now and Easter to mitigate destruction in the world. (9-3-12)
  • Fasting on Good Friday. Intention: to prevent One World Currency and bring freedom to nations. Pray CP 42 (prayed at time of fasting) (27-3-12)
  • During Holy WEEK, conduct a time of fasting from Monday until 15:30 hours (03:30 PM) on Good Friday. Pray CP103 (22-3-13)

Receive the Sacrament of Confession (for non Catholics and for those unable to go to confession**, recite CP 24 – Plenary Indulgence for Absolution for 7 days) to be given the gift of Total Absolution and the Power of the Holy Spirit. (22-3-13)

“If you can accept this, you will, in atonement for the sins of mortal man, save millions of souls. I will grant Mercy to the most hardened sinners, in return for your gift of suffering.”

* By fasting you are requested to eat only one main meal during the day and then bread and water only at the other two meal times. (12-1-13)

** For those unable to go to confessions are circumstances where there are no priests available or out of reach.


Crusade Prayer (34) My Gift of Fasting to Jesus
(Prayer to prepare for Holy Week and Easter)

O My Jesus, help me in my own small way, to imitate Your life of Sacrifice, in order to save mankind. Allow me to offer You the gift of fasting one day a week, throughout Lent, to save all of humanity so that they can enter the Gates of the New Paradise on Earth. I offer You, dear Jesus, my sacrifice with love and joy in my heart. To show You the extent of my love through this sacrifice, I beg You for the salvation of every soul who may have fallen from Grace. Amen

Crusade Prayer (42) Prayer of fasting to stop One World Currency
(Prayer on Good Friday during Fasting)

O God Most High, I offer you my gift of fasting, so that You will stop the grip of evil in the world, being planned to starve my country of food, including the Bread of Life. Accept my offering and listen to my pleas for other nations to prevent them from the suffering being planned by the antichrist. Save us, dear Lord, from this wickedness and protect our Faith, so that we can honour You with the freedom we need to love and adore You forever and ever. Amen

Crusade Prayer (103) To share the Cup of Suffering with Christ
(Prayer for Holy Week and any time of fasting (recite 3X) to atone for the sins of mankind to enable Jesus to pour His Great Mercy over the whole world.)

I lay before You, dear Jesus, and at Your Feet to do what You will with me for the good of all. Let me share Your Cup of Suffering. Take this gift from me, so that You can save those poor souls who are lost and without hope. Take me, in body, so I can share Your Pain. Hold my heart in Your Sacred Hands and bring my soul in union with You. Through my gift of suffering, I allow Your Divine Presence to embrace my soul, so that You can redeem all sinners and unite all God’s children forever and ever. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (130) Novena of Salvation
(Prayer in any week of your choice during the Lenten Period. Starts on a Monday, recited 3x in the morning for 7 days with one day of fasting. This is an extra day of fasting.)

My beloved Mother of Salvation, please gain for all souls the Gift of Eternal Salvation through the Mercy of your Son, Jesus Christ Through your intercession, I plead that you will pray to release all souls from bondage to Satan. Please ask your Son to show Mercy and forgiveness for those souls who reject Him, hurt Him with their indifference, and who adore false doctrine and false gods. We beseech you, dear Mother, to beg for the graces to open the hearts of those souls who are most in need of your help. Amen.

Note: The Crusade Prayers above are in addition to the usual crusade prayers and litanies, and other grouped crusade prayers you may wish to add during the Lenten season.


Courtesy of our State co-ordinator of JtM prayer groups.

The Greatest Miracles will be Conversions: Monica’s Story

Monica’s Conversion Story

(Translated and disseminated by Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Warrior- Paul M. The subheadings have been inserted by managers of this site as well as the highlighting).

My name is Monica Stancu and I live in Romania. This is a true story about how Jesus changed my life. I now believe that every conversion is, in fact, a miracle ! The best decision I have ever made was to follow Jesus. To begin, I would like to share with you about the ‘old’ Monica.

The ‘Old  Monica’

I was baptized into the Orthodox Church and as a young girl I would sometimes accompany my mother to Mass because she is a Catholic. As a family we did not practice our faith and we attended church very rarely ! Looking back on my thirty-four years of life to date, it’s been a disaster. I’ve broken all of the Ten Commandments; living a care-free life as though God didn’t exist. Unbeknown to me during this time, I was being blinded by Satan. I was not aware that in my sinfulness, I was offending God. One thing I did know is that life for me had become miserable !

During 2012, I was experiencing a crisis with professional and financial problems. I felt trapped. Things were going from bad to worse. My friend in Germany was experiencing similar problems to me and we had discussions about how we could solve our problems. In June 2013, I made a decision to begin attending Mass on most Sundays. It was a comfort for me, although I understood very little about the Catholic faith. During this time, I continued with my worldly and sinful ways because I didn’t know any better. Most of my friends were Protestant and one was Catholic; although later even he became Protestant. When we were together, God became our main topic of conversation and we had many long discussions. At that time I had begun searching for the truth. I probed my friends with many questions and as you know Protestants have many optimistic views about Christianity and this captured my attention. They invited me to their church and I obliged. They offered me many books and literature for me to read, including one written by Joel Osteen, and I knew that they were trying to convert me to Protestantism.

The search

Deep in my heart I knew something wasn’t right, so I began reading the Bible but I understood very little and I had a strange feeling in my stomach, which made me feel bad. I continued opening the Bible at random although the feelings continued and I would often close it again after a matter of minutes. I was searching for a story about someone like me and I couldn’t find it. Everything seemed ‘too deep’ for me to understand. Things took a turn for the better when, one day, I began reading the Book of Revelation. It was very confusing for me and I may as well have been trying to read Chinese.

Then my imagination was sparked to look on the internet for interpretations about what I had been reading. Scrolling down the various web pages, I came across some beautiful prayers and I downloaded them for later. Accompanying these prayers was information about a certain ‘Book of Truth. I began reading; one message after another… I couldn’t stop. I was absorbing everything like a sponge and I couldn’t get enough of everything. The prayers too, were so beautiful.

A book changed everything!

For the first time I knew that my heart had be touched by something BIG. I couldn’t resist staying away from the messages, even for one day. With this new-found prophecy, I began sharing everything about the Book of Truth with my good friend in Germany, and I asked him if it was possible for us to change our lives and to live as God wanted. His answer was that I should beware of becoming ‘extreme’ in my faith. I continued reading every message in the Book of Truth, as I believed every word was coming from Heaven. I began praying the prayers which I love. I was learning my Catholic faith from the Book of Truth and not from the usual formation that one would expect. I began to learn about the Rosary, Confession, the Mass, Holy Communion, Divine Mercy, God’s unconditional love for every one of His children regardless of faith or creed. I felt like I’d struck it rich and inherited a goldmine! I wanted to shout to the world the Book of Truth!!  

The new Monica

Daily Mass became the norm for me. I began making lists of all the sins of my life and bringing them to Confession. I was now praying the Rosary and Crusade Prayers daily. I was learning about Sister Faustina and the wonderful gift of Divine Mercy and the prayer of the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I also began reading about the lives of the saints and I learned a lot from this. Although my heart had begun to flower, I also felt a tremendous sorrow for how I had lived my life prior to my conversion. I was ashamed beyond words. I knew that Jesus’ love and forgiveness had conquered all of my sins at His great Sacrifice on Calvary. I would tell anyone and everyone about what the Book of Truth had done for me and especially my own mother.

Fighting for conversions in the Remnant Army

I’ve shared this Mission of Salvation with all the priests that I know. Actually I think that many people listen to me out of common courtesy, but often it has been like talking to a wall. I continued to read the messages over the phone to my good friend, in the hope that one day he would experience what I’ve encountered. I’m happy to say that since this time he too has received a conversion and he made a long list of the sins of his entire life and brought them to his first confession in twenty-two years! Upon hearing this good news, I became very emotional and tearfully happy for him. He told me that after his Confession, he felt so free!

Our Lord is working in a way that we cannot understand. I have found the internet to be a marvelous way of becoming an active part of the Mission of Salvation by sharing my conversion story and encouraging others in this mission. God has formed His Remnant Army to rise-up and be prayer warriors for the conversion of mankind, hence the name of the Crusade of Prayer groups- Jesus to Mankind.

Although this is the Lord’s work, He needs us to be praying, participating in The Mass, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, The Seal of the Living God, The Crusade and Litany prayers, time before the Blessed Sacrament, confessing our sins to a priest. We are in a war for souls. The war is fought in the heavens between God and Satan – Angels vs devils. There are no aircraft, tanks, warships and guns…only Prayer.

The Way Forward

This June, 2017, will be the third anniversary of my conversion. Year by year, my Faith in God has continued to evolve and deepen. I now love praying the Rosary and I’ve even started to make Rosary beads as a way of giving something back to Our Lady.

I truly believe that we are on a Mission for God that cannot fail. I believe that the Book of Truth is God preparing us for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in Glory. And I now wish to make a very big pointI have tried my best to tell people about the Book of Truth. There have been many instances where the same people come back to me and say that others convinced them that Maria Divine Mercy is false. People believe all of the lies written about her on the internet. People think that if a priest or theologian who they like, does not believe in revelations, and tell you not to follow something, that they are right. But I believe that people should pray first and then be guided by the Holy Spirit and then follow their own hearts concerning this prophecy. Pray for the Gift of Discernment; pray as you never have before! How can it be that two solid priests beg to differ on the same authentic prophecy ?

I can tell you that God is speaking to His people through Maria Divine Mercy and I feel that no priest, no bishop and no cardinal could change my mind regarding the Book of Truth. I hear Jesus’s Voice in these messages and they are giving me huge consolation. Finally, I testify truthfully that my Conversion has come about solely through my discovery of the Book of Truth. I have attained knowledge and wisdom through reading the messages and I’ve received huge graces through the prayers, which I continue to pray daily. I have changed from living a depressing life of sin, to feeling every moment the hope and joy of living for Jesus and Mary. I look forward to the Second Coming of Jesus and to meeting you all in the New Paradise.

There, by the grace of God, go I.

Sincerely in Christ,


Second stage of Schism – Prophecy Fulfilled


Are we at the second stage of the schism?

 “The schism in My Church will be broken into different stages.B of T

The first stage will be when only those who truly know Me, and understand the Truth of the Holy Gospels, will decide that they cannot accept lies in My Name….”

The second stage will come about when people are denied the Holy Sacraments, as they are meant to be.” 

 (Prophecy from the Book of Truth 20th October, 2013)

See article on First Stage of schism fulfilled at : https://remnantdisciples.wordpress.com/2016/11/29/the-dubia-schism-and-prophecy/

The Holy Sacraments of Eucharist, Holy Orders, Extreme Unction (Last Rites) are DEFINITELY NOT being administered in the way “they are meant to be.” (see prophecy above).

In the latter case,, while still excluding men with deep-seated tendencies, the rules have been  relaxed so that men with “transitory homosexual tendencies”. See fullarticle at the above link.

Would these examples below also count?

  • Pf emphasizes that “unjust discrimination” against gays and lesbians is unacceptable, and he downplays the idea of “living in sin” and suggests that priests should use their own discretion on whether divorced Catholics in new marriages can take Communion. See CNN news at: http://edition.cnn.com/2016/04/08/europe/vatican-pope-family

In fact, because of his many (unofficial) utterances, many take it that those living in adulterous relationships can approach the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist, if they want to.


  • “And here I recommend that you understand not only the language of the word, but also that of gestures. If someone comes to you and feels something must be removed from him, but perhaps he is unable to say it, but you understand … it’s all right, he says it this way, with the gesture of coming. First condition. Second, he is repentant. If someone comes to you it is because he doesn’t want to fall into these situations, but he doesn’t dare say it, he is afraid to say it and then not be able to do it. But if he cannot do it, ad impossibila nemo tenetur [no one is obliged to do the impossible]. And the Lord understands these things, the language of gestures. Have open arms, to understand what is inside that heart that cannot be said or said this way … somewhat because of shame … you understand me….. Often shame makes one mute and … The gesture, the language of the gesture. (Meeting with priests and deacons of Rome, February 11, 2016)  See  full article at: https://en.denzingerbergoglio.com/if-someone-comes-to-you-and-feels-something-must-be-removed-from-him-but-perhaps-he-is-unable-to-say-it-but-you-understand-its-all-right-he-says-it-this-way-with-the-ge/#Francis

Can we receive absolution without confessing? That is not a true administration of the Sacrament.

The Holy Sacraments will never be the same again, and this is only the beginning.

Are we at the second  stage of the schism?

St Faustina on Spiritual Directors

Diary of St. Faustina, 937

+ I will say a word more about my spiritual director [Father Andrasz or Father Sopocko [169]]. It is strange that there are so few priests who know how to pour power, strength and courage into a soul so that it can make constant progress without getting tired. Under such direction a soul, even of lesser strength, can do much for the glory of God. And here I discovered a secret; namely, that the confessor, or rather the spiritual director, does not make light of the trifles that the soul brings to him. And when the soul notices that it is being controlled in this, it begins to exert itself and does not omit the slightest opportunity to practice virtue and also avoids the smallest faults. And from these efforts, as with little stones, there rises within the soul a most beautiful temple. On the contrary, if the soul notices that the confessor neglects these little things, it likewise neglects them and ceases to give an account of them to the confessor and, worse still, will begin to grow negligent in little things. Thus, instead of going forward, it gradually retreats backward and becomes aware of the situation only when it has already fallen into some serious trouble. Here, a serious question poses itself: who is at fault, the soul in question or the confessor; that is to say, the director? It seems to me that all the blame should be put on the imprudent director; the soul’s only fault is to have taken upon itself the choice of a director. ! The director could well have led the soul along the road of God’s will to sanctity.

A Dream of ‘The Warning’

The Bible tells us not to disregard dreams or visions, but rather to expect them, in the latter days:

Acts Of Apostles 2:17
And it shall come to pass, in the last days, (saith the Lord,) I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams

Joel 2:28

[28] And it shall come to pass after this, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy: your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions[29]Moreover upon my servants and handmaids in those days I will pour forth my spirit. [30] And I will shew wonders in heaven; and in earth, blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke. [31] The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood: before the great and dreadful day of the Lord doth come. [32] And it shall come to pass, that every one that shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved: for in Mount Sion, and in Jerusalem shall be salvation, as the Lord hath said, and in the residue whom the Lord shall call.


It is unusual for my daughter, K, (aged 22) to have a spiritual dream. During the early hours of Thursday morning 21st April, she had a significant dream which she relayed to me in the early hours of the day as this:

“Me, dad, J.(my fiancé), and mum were sitting on J’s bed talking about stuff. Suddenly, this strange vibrating noisy feeling starts – soft and increasing. Everyone starts groaning and being confused. Mum says ‘this is The Illumination’. I turn to J. and say: “Quick; pray! Pray!

Vibrating surrounds and engulfs and puts us all into our own experience. I look at J. because he screams in pain and I grab his hand tight.

When it ends, he says ‘I didn’t think it was going to be that bad/like that’ (as in his sins/experience). I saw nothing, hence why I was able to look at J. and grab his hand. I didn’t experience anything. Just the same sound/isolation that everyone else did.”

Later that same day I related the dream exactly as she described it in her text message, to the prayer group.

Interpretation by another Prayer group member (and others agreed):

  1. K was not in the dream (as part of it) but was watching the effects. She could only warn and feel compassion. It is still to be expected that on the real day, she will experience and see, as all of us will, the state of our souls before God.

I felt this dream was confirmation of my thought to start systematically and quietly warning people in earnest now about the “Illumination of Conscience”. As you can see, I already posted an article on The Warning, earlier this same week- before this dream occurred. We must follow the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. If we have a year at most, how many letterbox drops can we do in that time? 5 streets nearby? 2 neighbourhoods? Or more? Obviously the more we reach the better, but we need to work little by little, regularly, not all at once and then run out of steam!  Let us not be the lazy servant! Nor the bridesmaid who ran out of oil!

To have strength and guidance we have to be right with God first. Do not neglect this or you will fall and it will cost you souls. My own conscience has been pricked more keenly and more often and I’ve been going to Confession more frequently now, as was result. This gives me great relief as I feel God’s Mercy descend upon me.

Examine yourselves, every thought, word and deed in earnest. Confess your sins now while you can and amend your lives. I received confirmation of this also tonight as I opened on this passage Revelations: 16: 15-16.

[15] Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

We identify with this garment as a description of “Sanctifying Grace”. We will not be able to hide our shame during the Warning if we are in Mortal sin. All our deeds will be laid bare before our own eyes and God. The pure white garment of our Baptism is lost when we choose to gravely sin against God’s Commandments.

All bible quotations were taken from: http://www.drbo.org/

Crusade Prayer (131) The Mercy Prayer

O my dear Mother of Salvation, please ask your Son, Jesus Christ, to grant Mercy to (name all here…) during The Warning and again on the final Day, before they come before your Son. Please pray that each of them will be saved and enjoy the fruits of Eternal Life. Protect them, every day, and take them to your Son, so that His Presence will be shown to them and that they will be granted peace of the spirit and attain great Graces. Amen.

Preparation and prayer for this event is important. Many of the Crusade Prayers we have been given by Jesus are directly  to assist with, or additionally mention, souls in relation to The Warning. But this is not all, of course…

The full written version of all the Crusade Prayers and Litanies can be found at: http://mdmlastprophet.com/prayers-page/










New Age Practices and the Grip of Satan – a personal testimony.

We received an email through the “Contact us” on our website.

It was from a lady who had discovered our website and invited us to share her story.

The amazing thing was that one of our Prayer group members had listened to Fabienne’s story while she was on a speaking tour in this country last year.

She describes the New Age practices she was drawn into and the demons which afflicted her. She describes her illumination of conscience, how she saw demons from hell and how Jesus saves her.

Her story of a civil marriage to a divorced man and going to Holy Communion in this state rings bells of alarm for what is being proposed right now in “Amoris Laetitia”

The issues which she raises are so indicative and widespread in our society.

She tells of her pilgrimage to Medjugorje and how the devil said to the Virgin Mary : “Mary, you have won”….”

Read it all here:


Excerpts from Fabienne’s story.

 “Brought up as a Catholic, Fabienne lost her way in the modern world and found herself in the grip of Satan….

Gradually this led on into involvement with much of the paraphernalia of the New Age Movement – numerology, astrology, spiritualism and all manner of the occult. Satan was closing his trap around Fabienne’s soul: “I did not know that I was a victim of a serious haunting of impure spirits because of my ill-chosen paths in life, fortune telling, pendulum, astrology, horoscope, palm reading, initiation into yoga, esoteric meditation, opening of shakras, etc…”

“And now came a bolt of grace in my life! While looking at a poster of the Sacred Heart of Jesus I heard His voice telling me: “My holy wounds will save you!” Through this, Jesus was coming to warn me that he was going to help me find the way to salvation.” God gave me my first supernatural experience in the illumination of conscience: “(Jesus) showed me my soul enclosed within the Beast…I saw the demons that surrounded me and were ready to take me to the place of darkness…”

““So I went to a priest who received me with great love but who was quite surprised to see me come with 5 or 6 pages of sins every time. … What I did not know is that the demons who had penetrated me because of New Age techniques returned to hell during confession....”

“You know, dear brothers and sisters, no sin will exhaust the great mercy of God and the more we draw from it, the more it grows! Let none of you fear to approach Jesus of love, because the flames of his mercy burn in him and he wants to pour them out on you…  it is in the Catholic Church of Rome, the only one founded by Jesus of love on Saint Peter, that I encountered a God of tenderness whose heart melts with love for each one among us.

Fabienne’s website:


St John Bosco

A Tribute to St John Bosco.

(It is his Feast Day today, 31st January, on the Tridentine Latin Mass Calendar).

What a joy to see that it was St John Bosco’s Feast Day today! This inspirational, dedicated man brought so many young, unformed souls to fullness of faith and safely into Jesus’ arms. Even today, an ‘old soul’, fighting the good fight, can learn so much from reading his amazing God-given insights. That God chose and blessed this man for a singular vision and special purpose is clear from his early life.St john bosco

I had the good fortune of a fellow believer, (who is a wife and mother of seven children who are mostly now grown and all fervently practising their faith) recommend to me a book called “The Forty Dreams of St John Bosco: The Apostle of Youth” which is taken from his Biographical Memoirs. My own children have not yet been able to read much of it because their mummy can’t put it down!

St John Bosco had prophetic dreams, visions and ecstasies. When a dream is a supernatural event, the receiver of the dream knows it. But the believers who had the privilege of hearing a dream of his, also knew it. In dreams he often saw secrets of people’s consciences and future events in detail, such as deaths, which did actually then occur. One of the funniest, most convincing early dreams was when, during his childhood, he was given to know the contents of his school exams beforehand in a dream, which allowed him to pass exams-and exceptionally well at that! The teacher thought somehow that he’d been cheating as he didn’t believe his ridiculous but honest explanation that he had ‘dreamt’ what was in it. Then one day the teacher wrote a very long, hard Latin test which John finished in record time. The teacher had only enough time in class to dictate half the exam that he’d prepared the night before, and was speechless to see that John had completed the full test, down to the very last word!

Here I’ll retell just one story: the dream of the Deadly Nooses, because it is easy to remember and made quite an impact on me. It is symbolic teaching dream, not a literal one.

John Bosco was a priest who particularly cared for the education and formation of boys in the Faith.  Part of his duty, therefore, was both hearing confessions and providing spiritual guidance and direction, including giving advice in regards to conquering sin. Once he dreamed that he stood amongst a large group of boys who were preparing to make a confession when he noticed many had nooses around their necks that they could not remove! Upon inspection, there were horrible beast-cats crouching behind those boys, holding the nooses tightly in place, around the boys’ necks. Some held several nooses in their paws. cat d

St John Bosco ordered through the Holy Name of Jesus Christ that the beasts reveal the purpose of the nooses. Tortured in appearance, the monster which he questioned was forced to speak:

“Don’t you understand? I rope these boys into making bad confessions. With these nooses I drag 9/10ths of mankind into Hell.” He then revealed the specific purpose of each noose.

The first noose makes the boys conceal their sins in Confession. The second to confess without true sorrow. The third noose keeps them from making a firm resolution and from carrying out their confessor’s advice.

Later St John Bosco related the dream to the boys to teach them about sincerity, sorrow and resolution. He explained that the first noose is not only about concealing sins but also about downplaying them or not being sincere- for example by accusing yourself of having done something 3 or 4 times when you know it to be exactly four, but don’t want to sound so bad. He says that if we are to rid ourselves of these nooses and wrench them from the devil’s clutches, we must confess all our sins and be truly sorry for them. I know that sometimes I must accuse myself of not having true sorrow when I know I should! I get annoyed at myself for not being as sorry as I know I should. But I also know that we must continuously pray for the grace to be truly sorry and to grow in contrition for our sins.

The devil also revealed that he hides behind the boys so that he cannot be seen. That way it is far easier to cajole people into sin and insincerity. He lastly revealed that if we want to know whether or not we (or one of our children) are held in his leash, we will know by whether or not we (they) are becoming better.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation in which Catholics confess their sins is a very great grace. It gives us the means to conquer ourselves for the sake of Christ, in order to be truly free. Without frequent confession we do not cut ourselves off from sin and the devil, although we may kid ourselves that we have done so. Faith is true when seen in a person’s works- a holy and pure life, as an outliving of his Faith, transformed completely bsorrowy the Spirit. (James 2: 14-26) When our thoughts, words or actions become wordly, selfish or not as Christ called us, we must return to Him, in word and deed, with sincerity of heart.  As St Paul says, we have to continue to work out our salvation in fear and trembling.

Wherefore, my dearly beloved, (as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but much more now in my absence,) with fear and trembling work out your salvation.  Phillipians 2:12 (Douay Rheims Bible)


Taken from:
Forty Dreams of St John Bosco. Edited by Fr. J. Bacchiarello. S .D.B, Tan Books, 2007.