Chaos: A Christian Joy???



You must do your duty and make chaos all night. Show your Christian joy, the joy the Lord gave you to be in the community who follows Jesus,”

the Pope told those participating in World Youth Day after arriving to Krakow July 27.  

28th July, 2016

The realm of disorder.  

Another word for disorder is chaos.

Is this where Francis wants to take us?

At World Youth Day in Krakow, Francis exhorted youth to create chaos.  

 Fr. Vincent P. Miceli, in an essay entitled “The Taproot of Violence,” explains:

“…violence entered creation from the rebellion of Lucifer.

This rebellion arose from the heart of pride.

But the sin of pride is the offspring of the vice known as hatred of truth.

Hatred of truth is the result of the creature’s attempt to rearrange God’s hierarchy of beings and values into an order which the creature prefers to the plan of God.

This attempt immediately produces  –

the violence of disorder,

the chaos of falsity

and immorality.”



Comment by Donna Liane 31 Jul 2016:


lack of control (including over self),

lack of responsibility,

lack of concern and care for others,

lack of regard for rules, confusion and mess.

Not what God asks of us at all, nor what I have seen or heard from or seen in any Saint or Holy Angel.

Not what I want my children hearing!

Not what WYD is all about

and not what will lead them to heaven!

Rather submit to The Lord in all things.

And in this case, rebel against all that is NOT of Him!

St. Michael defend us and our children that we may not falter in battle.





July popevideo – From a Catholic perspective


Ill-intentioned Intentions.


Click on the above site for the complete article or whenever you need to know more about the statements/press releases of the person who sits in the chair of Peter.

The following are excerpts from the thorough analysis on this site:


These intentions proposed by Francis during the month of July warrant commentary.

In reflecting upon prayer, we recall the Gospel’s narrations of the numerous occasions when Jesus prayed, and especially, the mandate that he gave us to pray with the seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer, the prayer par excellence. After all, true prayer is praying as Jesus did, and in keeping with what he taught.

For, as Saint Augustine amply teaches, “if we pray rightly, and as becomes our wants, we say nothing but what is already contained in the Lord’s Prayer. And whoever says in prayer anything which cannot find its place in that gospel prayer, is praying in a way which, if it be not unlawful, is at least not spiritual; and I know not how carnal prayers can be lawful, since it becomes those who are born again by the Spirit to pray in no other way than spiritually.” And after a long list of examples, the same Doctor of the Church ends: “And if you go over all the words of holy prayers, you will, I believe, find nothing which cannot be comprised and summed up in the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer. Wherefore, in praying, we are free to use different words to any extent, but we must ask the same things; in this we have no choice” (Saint Augustine, Epistle 130, no.12/22).

Of course, these seven primordial petitions in the Lord’s Prayer may be spread out into many others…however, that indigenous people be shown due respect is a prayer intention which seems to stray completely off-track, above all coming from the Chair of Peter. And it is dangerously mistaken in what it insinuates.

After his resurrection, the Lord commanded the Apostles “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit (Mt 28: 19). He could have also commanded that they appreciate and save local cultures, with the large list of dire anti-evangelical customs these might entail. But that was not the message He gave them. On the contrary, He declared that if certain peoples did not accept the Gospel, the Apostles should shake the dust from their feet

If the “seeds of the Word” – a wonderful expression of Saint Justin and the Fathers of the Church, that the Council employed in various of its documents – are present among all peoples, in however deplorable a state, it is necessary to water these seeds, cultivate and prune them, allowing them to open themselves to fully accepting Jesus Christ, the Word of God.

But, to idolize the seed, without caring for it and suffocating the Word by impeding its blossoming, is the aim of a certain missiology that Francis ends up offering with this universal prayer intention. This is evident.

The worth of a people’s identity depends on just how much the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven develops and germinates within it. Aren’t we aiming for one flock and one shepherd? Or are we opting for the type of relativistic and eclectic religion promoted by the liberation ‘theologians’?

The so-called universal intention is illustrated with a videoThe Pope video – Respect for the indigenous peoplesin which no trace of the Catholic religion can be detected.And, as is normal in this video series, Francis appears without his unusual pectoral cross showing over his white baggy cassock. No cross is seen on the wall either, nor a statue of the Blessed Virgin in the background. Not a sign or symbol. The video seems to have been concocted in an anti-Christian marketing laboratory.

Respect what traditions? Cannibalism, polygamy, incest, idolatry and Satanism?

While Francis goes about destroying century-old catholic traditions in protocols, liturgies and customs that developed within the light of the Gospel, he wishes to indiscriminately save all pagan traditions – traditions which gradually would die off by their own inglorious dynamism.

Francis’ dreams are true nightmares. The dimension of faith and interest in the salvation of souls is missing altogether. It is a dream that can be called Rotarian, if not outright masonic.

Pius XII points toward conversion through the preservation of aboriginal values that are Christianized. Francis points toward the persistence of paganism without a shadow of regeneration. But… what else can be expected of one who doesn’t take the light of the faith as guide? Could he propose otherwise? Truly, each yields according to its kind.

In closing we ask, wouldn’t it be more appropriate for a father and shepherd to request prayers for the impoverished Venezuelans, the persecuted Cubans, the massacred Syrians, the aborted children or the broken marriages?

But it was deemed more politically correct to recall the indigenous peoples; not in order to catechize and baptize them, but rather to confirm them in their ancestral paganism.

Is this the attitude of a father and shepherd?

Sins of Omission? Avoiding the Gospel amidst confusion.

The latest popevideo for July, 2016 – the gospel according to francis!


Prayer intention:

“That the Church  in Latin America may announce the Gospel with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.”

At first, (before I watched it) I thought –“Sounds okay – even authentic”.

But WHICH Gospel? The Gospel of Francis?

In the video:

We see a Latin American Indian girl speaking:

” I ask that our ways of life may be respected, our rights and our traditions.

Will you listen to me? “

The FP (aka PF) speaks:

“I want to be a spokesman for the deepest longing of indigenous peoples and I want you to add your voice to mine in a heartfelt prayerthat all will respect indigenous peoples, threatened in their identity and even in their existence.”

Reread the prayer intention. Is this the Gospel he is talking about? – that all will respect indigenous peoples threatened in their identity?

Sounds like a political statement.

Surely his prayer to God should mention the salvation of their souls?

Comment by Tt Crusader:

He wants us to respect indigenous people in their traditions.

Hmm, again, in the short yet horrible reign of the false prophet and the antichrist,

everything is upside down, black becomes white, white becomes black.

By the above statement, what he is really saying is,

  • “Do not baptize. 
  • Do not save the souls of those not yet baptised. 
  • Do not free them from Oiginal Sin, 
  • Do not let them enter heaven. 
  • Do not let them partake of the rightful inheritance of the blood of Jesus Christ.”

Of course, the false prophet, who prepares the world for the anti-christ does the anti of Christ:

Instead of  promoting the great commission of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28, 

He does all he can to extinguish it,

to snuff out the fire of truth by wrapping it in  a blanket of lies, 

hiding under the veil of the lie of the false mercy

 in this year of false mercy  of “respect” for

“indigenous cultures”,  

Who, until the masonic-infiltrated council of Vatican 2, were called “pagans”, 

not because the church judged them to be inferior,

but because the Church loved them, 

and were deemed by the Church to be in urgent need

of the true Mercy,

ie, the Baptism of Jesus Christ,. 

to save their souls from original sin

and from the demonic spirits they worshipped.

Mathew 28: 19-20

“Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world”

Here is a partial list of members of the Church Triumphant who respected indigenous people,

not in their pagan traditions, but in the light of their immortal souls, 

who in many cases sacrificed their own lives as martyrs

[John 15 :13 – Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.]

as an act of True Mercy,

to bring to them the free gift of salvation

in the form of the sacrament of Baptism of the Catholic Church.

  • St Peter Damian and the Marist Missionaries of the Pacific, 
  • St Francis Xavier,  the greatest Roman Catholic missionary of modern times, who was instrumental in the establishment of Christianity in India, the Malay Archipelago, and Japan.  
  • St Patrick, 
  • the Franciscans after Colombus in the Americas,
  • Sts Cyril and Methodius who brought the Word of God to the Slavic nations,
  • St Paul Miki and companions in Japan, 
  • the Korean martyrs of the 19th century
  • or even our own St Mary Mackillop , who brought salvation to many in outback Australia.

Comment by Donna Liane:

“I’m an indigenous Catholic.

Will he please leave my traditions intact?”


Fr Rosica has it all upside down – Catholic blogs actually tell it like it is.


The original article is represented here, with our comments* interspersed, in blue italics.

Reported by Ed Wilkinson of the Catholic News Service  ( 17th May, 2016) on Crux website, reporting on Fr. Thomas Rosica speaking at an event in downtown Brooklyn, where he  was presented with the Brooklyn Diocese’s St. Francis DeSales Distinguished Communicator Award by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio.

Although Pope Francis has succeeded in rebranding the public profile of the Church, according to a Vatican PR aide, his positive tone isn’t always reflected when Catholics themselves take to the use of social media.”

On the contrary, to hear Father Thomas Rosica tell it, sometimes Catholic conversation on-line is more “culture of death” than “culture of life.”

This is true – we lament the culture of death that has entered the Church and is killing the teachings of Our Lord Jesus and undermining the doctrines which are the Life of the Church. When the powerful ocean continually pounds up against a cliff, it makes an indent at first, then a cave, then finally the cliff collapses and is eroded. With time, the whole cliff is washed away by the powerful forces of the ocean, and all that is left is the rock platform, which is level with the ocean, and which is continually inundated with the tides.

“Many of my non-Christian and non-believing friends have remarked to me that we ‘Catholics’ have turned the Internet into a cesspool of hatred, venom and vitriol, all in the name of defending the faith!” he said.

“Indeed is this the hatred that is directed at us, no less than by the one who is at the highest point of the Church’s hierarchy? – the Rosary counters, those who breed like rabbits,….”

How can the Vatican PR accuse Catholics of hatred when we expose and criticise words and actions which do NOT lead to eternal life? That is our purpose. We hate error, not the man. We hate untruth and half truth. We hate what is happening to the church and to it’s true teachings. We hate that sinners are being gently but surely herded along the path to HELL by ones that should shepherd them away from danger! True love does not do this to souls or be complicit in those acts! True love tells the Truth (and lives it) so that souls can be part of the culture of life on earth and eternal life in heaven!

So the Vatican PR accuses us of words but ‘Pope’ Francis can freely use words to accuse us of all sorts of things! And the actions he accuses us of?? Living out, speaking of and praying the Holy Rosary to uphold the Church’s teachings on contraception, fruitfulness, marriage, abortion, adultery, immoral sexual behaviours, anti-Catholic agendas, the family, sin, hell, repentance, the Eucharist, keeping holy the Sabbath and all the Commandments, rightful ministering, chastity, heresy, apostasy and even teachings about God the Father, Jesus and Mary, His Mother! How dare we be so obstinate as to speak about and DEFEND these things against him?! To risk his ridicule, slighting and persecution for the sake of Our Lord! 

But apparently it’s ok for him to call us morbid-faced Rosary counters, rabbit-like irresponsible breeders, heartless, uncaring, joyless, uptight, greedy, pride-filled, Neo-Pelagian and pharisaical (among other names that I care to forget) or to infer and insinuate those things about us. The pope can do this but is not held accountable. But we are the haters? That’s ironic!

So the cesspool of hatred is two groups: one who hates Truth and the other who hates all that is NOT Truth- for the sake of Love. 

“The character assassination on the Internet by those claiming to be Catholic and Christian has turned it into a graveyard of corpses strewn all around,” said Rosica, who assists the Vatican Press Office with English-speaking media, on May 11 as he delivered the keynote address at the Brooklyn Diocese’s observance of World Communications Day.

“Often times the obsessed, scrupulous, self-appointed, nostalgia-hankering virtual guardians of faith or of liturgical practices are very disturbed, broken and angry individuals, who never found a platform or pulpit in real life and so resort to the Internet and become trolling pontiffs and holy executioners!” Rosica said.

Yes, we are obsessed with defending the Faith, (someone has to). We are self-appointed because we can’t depend on the hierarchy, especially those in the Vatican to defend the Truth. Yes, we are disturbed and our hearts, full of love for our Faith are broken, but someone has to defend our Faith – the appointed guardians are not doing it.

“In reality they are deeply troubled, sad and angry people,” he said. “We must pray for them, for their healing and conversion!”

They have it back to front. We must, and are, praying for them – for their conversion back to the Faith of our Fathers. Prayer is the strongest weapon.  Join Cardinal Burke’s Rosary Campaign.

Both Rosica and his “Salt and Light TV” Catholic network in Canada have occasionally been targeted for on-line criticism, especially from conservative and pro-life Catholic organizations.

“They have to be corrected. They have to know that there are people who stand up for the Truth of their Faith, as taught by Jesus. We are proud to be ‘conservative’ and “pro-life’ ”

“The Internet, Rosica said, ‘can be an international weapon of mass destruction, crossing time zones, borders and space.’ He also described it as “an immense battleground that needs many field hospitals set up to bind wounds and reconcile warring parties.”

We  would like it to be a weapon of mass destruction – destruction of evil and lies against Jesus’ teachings. The only thing that can reconcile “warring parties” is the Truth – only the Truth can set us free. The internet (pope videos) and the mass media – tv. Newspapers – are being used to destroy the Faith, so we are using it to defend the Faith.

“If we judged our identity based on certain ‘Catholic’ websites and blogs, we would be known as the people who are against everyone and everything!” he said. ”If anything, we should be known as the people who are for something, something positive that can transform lives and engage and impact the culture.”

Well we should be against everything that is contrary to Catholic/Christian doctrine – against disobeying God’s laws e.g. Amoris Laetitia which, while spruiking doctrine that can’t change, encourages a way of interpreting this doctrine so that it is, in fact ignored; where the well-being of the person is placed above the well-being and salvation of the soul. We also against “encyclicals” that promote worldly ideas which appeal to politicians and which completely ignore God’s role in creation – “Laudate Si”. We are the people who lament the profanation of Sacred Sites  – (the Vatican) which houses the relics of many saints and popes and Jesus Himself in the Bl. Sacrament – with a light show with pagan images, gods and goddesses. We are against anyone who ignores the role of our Bl. Mother , who is ignored on her feastdays, whose Immaculate conception is usurped by a pagan light show. We are known as people who are for something, something positive that can transform (spiritual) lives, but WE DO NOT WANT TO ENGAGE the predominant culture that exists in the world today.

The good news, according to Rosica, is that in the broader media universe, Pope Francis has had exactly that effect.

“Prior to Pope Francis, when many people on the street were asked: ‘What is the Catholic Church all about? What does the pope stand for?’ The response would often be, ‘Catholics, well they are against abortion, gay marriage and birth control’,” Rosica said.

This is true; so it should be.

“They are known for the sex abuse crisis that has terribly marred and weakened their moral authority and credibility,’” he said. “Today I dare say that the response is somewhat different,” Rosica said. “What do they say about us now? What do they say about the pope? People are speaking about our leader who is unafraid to confront the sins and evils that have marred us,” he continued.

He is not confronting the sins – he is making them acceptable; the scary part is that he is not afraid to do this!

“We have a pope who is concerned about the environment, about mercy, compassion and love, and a deep passion, care and concern for the poor and for displaced peoples roaming the face of this earth,” he added. “Pope Francis has won over a great part of the media.”

Well that’s a worry! – John 15:19  Douay-Rheims Bible “If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you” and St Paul in Romans 12: 2 ‘Don’t be conformed to the world‘ Also Romans 12:[20] “But if thy enemy be hungry, give him to eat; if he thirst, give him to drink. For, doing this, thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head” and. [21] ’Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil by good’.

The pontiff “has changed the image of the church so much that prestigious graduate schools of business and management are now using him as a case study in rebranding,” the priest added.

See Bible quotes above. We don’t want to be rebranded! Our brand is the Crucifix; Jesus who died for us, Who left us the Sacraments of Penance – i.e. confession – and the Eucharist.

While the pope has caused more people to take notice, that doesn’t mean that everyone agrees or follows the message he preaches, Rosica said.

Thank God+++ for that!

He explained that Pope Francis has opened up a dialogue with the world, and the Catholic media is a big part of showcasing the work of the Catholic Church.

 We don’t need to dialogue with the World. Dialogue means a 2 way conversation, usually accepting the other’s point of view. The only view we accept is the traditional and time-proven Teachings of our Catholic Church. Jesus Himself tells us that He is not of this world, nor are those who listen to His Word. Jn.17:14-15:” I have given them thy word, and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world; as I also am not of the world. I pray not that thou shouldst take them out of the world, but that thou shouldst keep them from evil.”

He referred to Francis’ message for World Communications Day to explain how church media should go about its work.

“Our primary task is to uphold the truth with love,” he said.

Well, to be more specific – our main task is to uphold the one and only Truth with a faithful and loyal love. This means not just anything that is proclaimed to be truth, but the Truth (capital T) of Jesus’ teachings.

That means that Catholic media should “listen,” rather than merely “hear,” as it engages in dialogue.

It also means that church media should communicate with everyone, without exception.

It further means that “Christians ought to be a constant encouragement to communion and, even in those cases where they must firmly condemn evil, they should never try to rupture relationships and communication.”

Rosica further added that “political and diplomatic language would do well to be inspired by mercy, which never loses hope.”

Just a little correction: It must be inspired by mercy AND repentance. This last word is always omitted. You can never lose hope if you follow God’s teachings, and repent of your sins and love God.

“May our way of communicating help to overcome the mind-set that neatly separates sinners from the righteous,” he said. We can and we must judge situations of sin – such as violence, corruption and exploitation – but we may not judge individuals, since only God can see into the depths of their hearts.”

“Situations of sin”  – what strange examples are given ! I should think blasphemy, abortion,  murder,  practising homosexuality are the worst sins. It is true – only God can judge individuals, but we can, and MUST guide them to the TRUE teachings of our Faith. Their conscience must be formed in the teachings and Truth of the Faith.  If we don’t guide them, we could be found wanting when we are judged – a sin of omission.

Rosica said the work of the Catholic media is to build bridges that encourage encounter and inclusion and to avoid misunderstandings that add to wounds and vengeance.

“The Church must shine with the light that lives within itself, it must go out and encounter human beings who — even though they believe that they do not need to hear a message of salvation — often find themselves afraid and wounded by life,” he said.

The message of Salvation must include obedience to ALL God’s commandments and unchanging teachings of Christ.

“The light of Christ reflected in the church must not become the privilege of only a few elect who float enclosed within a safe harbor or ghetto network of communications for the elite, the clean, the perfect and the saved.”

Sponsored by the DeSales Media Group, the event in downtown Brooklyn drew about 250 people. Rosica was presented with the Brooklyn Diocese’s St. Francis DeSales Distinguished Communicator Award by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio.

What a shame that he didn’t communicate the whole Truth.

See original article at:

* Comments by Remnant Survivor and DonnaLiane

Bishop Schneider’s advice to Parents


In a recent article Bishop Schneider has acknowledged the fears and the reality of what is to come – the ‘sexual anarchy’ which will be disguised as gender rights, and marriage equality. We fear for our children.

The insane laws are coming fast – here in this country, they have tried to bring in a programme of education  to apply to schools called ‘Safe Schools”. It is meant to be an anti-bullying strategy – but of course it entailed things hidden from the eye. Fortunately Christian groups brought it to the public’s attention, and it has been amended somewhat. The good news is that it is optional, but a list was published and 2 schools that have taken it on are actually “catholic”.

Bishop Schneider has laid out a survival plan for Catholic parents who find themselves in a secular, relativistic, and hostile environment but who simply want to raise their children to become future citizens of heaven.

Bishop Schneider said that to survive in a heretical wasteland, Catholic parents must:

  1. See persecution as a grace from God for becoming purified and strengthened, not simply as something negative.
  2. Become rooted yourself in the Catholic faith through study of the Catechism. 
  3. Protect your family’s integrity above all else.
  4. Catechize your children as your first duty.
  5. Pray with your children daily, such as litanies and the Rosary.
  6. Turn your home into a domestic church.
  7. In the absence of a priest and Sunday Mass, make spiritual communion.
  8. Withdraw your family from a parish spreading error and attend a faithful parish, even if you have to travel far.
  9. Withdraw your children from school if they are encountering immoral danger in sex-ed.
  10. If you cannot withdraw your children, establish a coalition of parents to fight for that right.
  11. Fight for parental rights using available democratic tools.
  12. Be prepared for persecution in protecting your children (see first point).

The bishop said that being a Catholic “family” in the truest sense of the word is the key to survival. 

See the whole article at

‘Pope’ (mis)quotes Jesus Christ in order to justify the desecration of the Holy Eucharist

Unbelievable news today people. ‘Pope’ Francis this morning misquoted Jesus Christ in the Santa-Marta-chapel in Rome in order to defile the Holy Eucharist. Jorge Bergoglio stated that Jesus Christ Himself would have admitted adulterers to the Blessed Sacrament.

Read the full story here:  ‘Pope’ (mis)quotes Jesus Christ in order to justify the desecration of the Holy Eucharist