A sign from St Januarius ?


The blood of St Januarius is kept in a vial in a church in Naples and liquefies usually 3 times a year on certain dates. It has been occurring for the last 600 years.


“In more recent years the liquefacations and viewings have taken place three times a year: on September 19, the feastday of the Saint; on December 16, which is the anniversary of the eruption of Vesuvius in 1631; and on the first Sunday in May, which commemorates the translation of the relics to Naples. The blood has failed to liquefy several times, each time coinciding with the outbreak of disease, famine, war or political suppression. It is for this reason that Neapolitans rejoice at each liquefaction.” From: http://www.miraclesofthechurch.com/2010/10/blood-miracle-of-st-januarius-gennaro.html

Blood, when removed from the body, coagulates and eventually spoils. The specimens of blood which we have as relics from some martyrs are still active today, and still remain scientifically unexplainable.

History has shown that on the rare occasions that the blood does not liquefy, a terrible event occurs.

“December 16 marks the commemoration of a warning before the eruption of Vesuvius in 1631… The last time the miracle failed to occur was 1980. The citizens of Naples associated this with the earthquake of Irpinia, when 2,900 people died in the worst natural disaster in Italian post-war history [i.e. since 1945]. Prior to that, it was in 1973 when Neapolitans waited in vain for the blood to liquefy. That year, Naples was visited by a cholera epidemic…”

“Just a few months ago, Naples was added to the list of cities at risk from being affected by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which is considered to be the world’s most dangerous volcano. Since December 16 is historically tied to St. Januarius and the volcanic outbreak of Vesuvius in 1631, as mentioned in the news report above, the failure of the blood miracle to occur on this very day this year may indeed be a bad omen for the city.” From: http://novusordowatch.org/2016/12/not-this-time-saint-januarius-blood-fails-to-liquefy/

Is it a natural disaster for Italy? WWIII?  Or  something involving Bergoglio?

Donna Liane wrote:  “ But I guess the miracle is a sign for the faithful- the cessation of which (and the exact timing by heaven of this cessation) is a severe warning which should make all feel apprehensive.”

TtCrusader wrote“Also note dec 16 is the day before the birthday of the false prophet”.

Donna Liane: “Wow! Oh my gosh! What does that mean???! I know it seems obvious in some ways- a sign that Bergoglio will soon change the words of the Consecration to destroy/deny/prevent the Presence of Our King in the Eucharist – like a predilection or prophetic sign!

What else could it mean? Maybe that the cup of The Martyrs’ blood is finally full/overflowing? (Revelations)

This needs discussion and prayer. It is a shocking thing for those with eyes opened.”

I guess we have to wait and see!


“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars” (Lk. 21:25)


And there shall be signs in the sun,

and in the moon,

and in the stars;

and upon the earth distress of nations, by reason of the confusion of the roaring of the sea and of the waves;

 The Supermoon:supermoon-jpg

On November 14th 2016 the whole world celebrated a remarkable natural event, known as a supermoon. After the Supermoon event on 14th November, TtCrusader wrote:

“333 days until #Fatima100”

(He has a knack of connecting numbers and events)

“Signs in the sun, moon and stars”: 23 Sept.2017

The above tweet from our Crusader friend, reminded me of an article I read last year in the Remnant Newspaper. (Thursday, October 29, 2015: see link – below).

“ On September 23, 2017, we will see the constellation Virgo with the sun rise directly behind it (the woman clothed with the sun). These events transpire during the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of “the woman clothed in the sun,” Our Lady at Fatima in 1917.

The Star of Bethlehem

When it appeared 2000 years ago, most people didn’t notice it. God sometimes uses the heavens to communicate with us: (Psalm 19: 1-4) The Magi, however, recognized the signs. On this occasion, there was a rare triple conjunction between Jupiter (King planet) and Venus (the motherhood planet). The well-versed Magi must have recognized this triple conjunction as a ‘giant neon sign in the heavens blinking KING-KING-KING.’

“The woman clothed with the sun”

Patrick Archbold (of the Remnant Newspaper) tells us that on November 20th, 2016* (see connection below), Jupiter will begin another journey of 9 and half of “Virgo”

He continues –  “Upon Jupiter’s exit (birth), on September 23, 2017, we see the constellation Virgo with the sun rise directly behind it (the woman clothed with the sun). At the feet of Virgo, we find the moon. And upon her head we find a crown of twelve stars, formed by the usual nine stars of the constellation Leo with the addition of the planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars.”

Revelation 12:1-5

“And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars:

And being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to be delivered.

And there was seen another sign in heaven: and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads, and ten horns: and on his head seven diadems:

And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered; that, when she should be delivered, he might devour her son.

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with an iron rod: and her son was taken up to God, and to his throne. “

Also it is pointed out in the article:

“…, in this era of false mercy, November 20, 2016*, is the very day that Pope Francis’ declared “Year of Mercy” comes to an end. The very same day is the Feast of Christ the King.” (i.e.in the Ordinary Form of the Mass calendar.)

See complete article at : http://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/2127-apocalypse-now-another-great-sign-rises-in-the-heavens

The Fatima Connection:

TtCrusader wrote :

“On 13 October 1884, Pope Leo XIII has a vision regarding the 100 years reign of the devil – a reign designed to test/destroy the true church and humanity.
Exactly 33 years later to the day, on 13 October 1917, the great miracle of the sun occurred at Fatima.

Could this 100 year period span from 13 October 1917 to 13 October 2017?
Note that atheistic communism (the errors of Russia) was introduced into the world, via the Bolshevik revolution, just a couple of weeks after the great miracle, on 7 November 1917. (At Fatima, Our Lady warned about communism)

Mary, our Mother, stated at Fatima that her Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end.  At the end of the 100 years maybe?

Let’s see how the book of Revelation, chapter 12, describes Mary:
12.1 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun,
with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.
12.2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.

Fast forward to 13 October 2017, the 100th year anniversary of the great miracle, and let’s have a look at the star patterns in the sky on 24 September 2017, just a couple of weeks before the 100 years are up. ( See Revelation 12:1-5)

What do we see?
We see:
the sun is in Virgo, the virgin, (a woman clothed with the sun)
the moon is at the lower end of Virgo (the feet)
3 planets, Mercury Venus and Mars, are at the upper end of Virgo (the head), forming the crown
– we also see Jupiter in the middle of Virgo (near the belly)

Very interesting!

Also note that we will be able to see none of this from the surface of the Earth, inside the atmosphere, because when the sun is in Virgo, it will be day time, not night time, and therefore, the background stars and planets will be in complete occultation by the brightness of the sun!

The truth is, once again, hidden in plain sight!

You can visit an online planetarium, such as http://in-the-sky.org/skymap.php, or download stellarium [http://www.stellarium.org/],enter the date of 24 September 2017, and see for yourself.

Just as a star alerted and guided the 3 wise men to the birth of Jesus Christ, the true Messiah and Saviour of mankind, two millenia ago, are the stars once again announcing His return, coinciding with the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Mother and Co-Redemptrix, and the start of the era of peace in the New Paradise?

Tt Crusader could be wrong, but whatever it means, it will certainly be a sign to us.

333 days from Supermoon

to the 23rd September next year.

“… if these shall hold their peace, the stones will cry out”


When Our Lord was going through Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the multitude of disciples were praising God with a loud voice. (38) Blessed be the king who cometh in the name of the Lord, peace in heaven, and glory on high! “[39] And some of the Pharisees, from amongst the multitude, said to him: Master, rebuke thy disciples. [40] To whom he said: I say to you, that if these shall hold their peace, the stones will cry out.” (Luke 19: 38-40)

Today, multitudes of Pharisees are trying to stop praise (or even any mention) of God. As a result, as stated in the Gospel – the stones have to cry out.

Below are just a few of such occurrences:

  1. Our Lady of Soufaniah (the Miracle of Damascus)


This is a church-approved Marian apparition. It involves a Syo-l-of-soufaniahrian mystic named Myrna Nazzour. The video has an Imprimatur. The messages (1982-1987) have a Nihil Obstat.

Myrna experiences visions of both the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus. In many of her ecstasies she’s experienced the stigmata, caught on film. She has suffered Christ’s wounds in her hands, feet and side, and the crown of thorns. She’s felt the scourging of Our Lord. Her skin exudes 100% pure Olive Oil with healing properties. It has secreted from her face, hands, ears, feet, neck, stomach and eyes during her ecstasies. This phenomena is unexplainable to scientists and psychologists. The Icon of Soufanieh also exudes the same oil, which has healed and blessed a vast multitude.


The first event started on November 22nd, 1982. Myrna was praying with other members of her family while visiting her ailing sister-in-law, when suddenly, she felt a strange and indescribable phenomenon: all her body was shivering as if some force was coming out from inside her (to quote her expression) Oil had just started to exude from her hands for the first time.

our-lady-of-soufaniah-oilThe second event to take place, started on November 27th, 1982, coinciding with the anniversary date of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to Saint Catherine Labouré in 1830, at the rue du Bac in Paris, France. Oil started to exude from a small replica of the icon of the Virgin of Kazan (6 cm x 8 cm / 2.4 inches x 3.2 inches) http://www.soufanieh.com/menuenglish.htm picture oozing oil

2. The pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima weeps.


International pilgrim statue of the virgin of Fatima (America Needs Fatima)photographed in New Orleans LA in 1972, miraculously weeping real human tears.


3. Our Lady Of Rockingam Perth W.A.


A fibreglass statue of Our Lady of Lourdes has been weeping oily tears since early 2002 in Perth.
The position of the Catholic Church on the phenomenon is neutral, although Archbishop Barry Hickey has been to visit the statue in the lady’s home, and has called the event truly remarkable. He says, “The weeping seems to have had a profound effect on people who have witnessed it”.

A statue of Our Lady of Lourdes weeps tears of what appear to be an oil-like substance in the home of its owner Patty Powell in the southern Perth suburb of Rockingham, Western Australia earlier this year. SEE: WEEPING STATUE
A statue of Our Lady of Lourdes weeps tears of what appear to be an oil-like substance in the home of its owner Patty Powell in the southern Perth suburb of Rockingham, Western Australia earlier this year. SEE: WEEPING STATUE

On March 19, the feast of St Joseph, Patty noticed that a statue she had in her home, had some type of liquid substance coming out of the eyes, as though it was crying. It had stopped the next day, but they returned on Good Friday and wept over the Easter triduum.

It wept again on the feast of Corpus Christi. Then on August 14, Patty came home from work, and saw the statue not only weeping, but also her whole lounge room smelling of roses. She then realized this was no ordinary favour, and Fr Walsh (her parish priest) agreed.

The local current affairs show, Today Tonight, even took an interest, and arranged to have scientific testing of the statue to see if it was fake, with Patty’s permission. The tears were analyzed and found to be of olive oil, with a rose scent.The scientist revealed that when he placed the statue flat on its back … and cleared the tears away, some came out of the eyes under his very gaze, against all the forces of gravity.

Some people who have prayed in front of the statue and have applied the tears to cotton buds, claim miraculous cures, including one gentleman with terminal cancer. Other have returned to the practice of the Sacraments, and have broken down at the sight of the Virgin Mother of God weeping.

On September 10th   2002, the Channel 7 current affairs program “Today Tonight” had the oil and the statue examined at Murdoch and Curtin Universities in Perth.  The findings were released on a program airing on 12th September, 2002.  The scientists could not come up with any obvious reason or explanation for the phenomena.

For miracles and testimonies see: http://weepingmadonna.org/testimonies/

4. Our Lady of Akita: Akita-Shi, Japan 1973 Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa


akitaOn January 4, 1975, to the amazement of the religious community at Akita-Shi, Japan and Fr. Yasuda, the statue of the Virgin began to weep and did so three times that day. Also witnessing these tears, in addition to the sisters, were Bishop Ito and a number of people who had joined the nuns for a New Year’s retreat. In the 10 years following, scientific studies excluded any explanation other than the supernatural.

The tears collected on the inside edge of the eyes flowed down the cheeks, collected at the edge of the garment near the throat, rolled down the folds of the garment and fell upon the globe under Our Lady’s feet.

Fr. Yasuda recorded in his book, The Tears and Message of Mary, that the statue:

“. . . had completely dried out during the years since it was made and little cracks had begun to appear. It is already miraculous if water would flow from such material, but it is still more prodigious that a liquid sightly salty, of the nature of true human tears, should have flowed precisely from the eyes.”

The statue wept for the last time on 15th September, Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Sr. Agnes was totally and incurably deaf when she entered the community, having lost her hearing on March 16, 1973. Sister was able to speak, and understood spoken messages by lip reading. As predicted by her guardian Angel, she temporarily regained her hearing on October 13, 1974. Deafness returned on March 7, 1975. Her hearing was permanently restored on May 30, 1982, as predicted by Our Lady during the first message of July 6, 1973. Both healings occurred instantaneously during Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Sr. Agnes is today in sound health, except for the rheumatism that has affected her hands.

In his pastoral letter dated April 22, 1984, Bishop John Ito, the Ordinary of the Diocese of Niigata, wrote, “I authorize throughout the entire diocese of which I am charged, the veneration of the Holy Mother of Akita.”

5. Syracuse ITALY 1953:


In Syracuse, Italy in 1953, an Italian woman, Antonina Janusso, was cured from pains while witnessing a weeping plaque of the Madonna in the home of the parents of her husband, Angelo.

The tears purportedly were the source of many miracles throughout Italy. In a 1954 radio message Venerable Pius XII approved of the miraculous weeping after the tears were found by four different doctors to be human.

italy-1950s-weeping-pictureOn the 29th, 30th, 31st August and 1st September 1953, a chalk picture, depicting the Immaculate Heart of Mary, placed at the bedside of a young married couple, shed human tears. The phenomenon occurred, for shorter or longer intervals, both inside and outside of the house. There were many people who saw with their own eyes, touched with his own hands, they gathered and tasted the salt of those tears. On September 1, a commission of doctors and analysts, on behalf of the the Archbishop of Syracuse, after removing the liquid that flowed from the eyes of the little picture, subjected it to microscopic analysis. The response of science was: “human tears.”  After the scientific investigation, there were no more tears.

On October 17, 1954, a Radio Message of  Ven. Pope Pius XII at the Marian Convention of Sicily, declared it believable.

“It is not without lively commotion that we are aware of the unanimous declaration of the Episcopate of Sicily upon the reality of this event. Without a doubt Mary is in heaven eternally happy and suffers neither pain or sorrow; but she cannot remain insensitive, rather she always nourishes love and pity for the poor human race, which was given to her as their Mother, when sorrowful and tearful she remained at the foot of the Cross, where her Son was affixed. Will humanity understand the mysterious language of those tears? Oh the tears of Mary! Upon Golgotha they were tears of compassion for her Jesus and of sadness for the sins of the world. Does she cry again for the renewed wounds produced in the Mystical Body of Jesus? Or does she cry for so many sons, in which error and sin have extinguished the life of grace, and who gravely offend the Divine Majesty? Or are they tears awaiting the belated return of her other sons, once faithful, and now dragged down by the false mirage of the legions of the enemies of God?”  (A.A.S.  46 (1954) 658-6615.

6. Julia Kim Sth Koreaol-of-naju-julia-kim


In 1980, Julia Kim, who was suffering from terminal cancer, was miraculously healed. She was at that time a Protestant but eventually converted to Catholicism. In 1982, Julia saw a vision of Jesus with his Sacred Heart bleeding and asked for suffering for the conversion of sinners.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of the Saviour, began weeping through her statue owned by Julia Kim in Naju, Korea, on June 30, 1985

  • For a total of 700 days between June 30, 1985 and January 14, 1992. Samples of the bloody tears were tested in a medical laboratory and were found to be human blood.
  • There was Fragrant Oil from Our Lady’s Statue for 700 consecutive days from November 24, 1992, to October 23, 1994.
  • The External Appearance of Bread in the Holy Eucharist changed into Visible Flesh and Blood on Julia’s tongue12 times between May 1988 and October 1996. The miracle on October 31, 1995, was witnessed by Pope John Paul II during a Mass in the Pope’s private chapel in the Vatican.

Bishop Roman Danylak from Toronto, Canada, and Bishop Dominic Su of Sibu, Malaysia, also witnessed the miracles in Naju and Sibu, respectively, and wrote their testimonies expressing their belief in the authenticity of these miracles.

  • The Sacred Host descended from above to the Chapel in Naju 7times between November 24, 1994, and August 27, 1997. The first two miracles were witnessed by the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio in Korea during his visit to Naju.
  • On July 1, 1995, seven Sacred Hosts descended. They were consumed by two priests and five lay people including Julia according to the local Archbishop’s instructio The external appearance of the Sacred Host that Julia received changed into visible Flesh and Blood on her tongue. A sample of this Blood was tested in the medical laboratory at Seoul National University and was found to be human blood. The descent of the Eucharist on June 12, 1997, was witnessed by Bishop Paul Kim of the Cheju Diocese in Korea. The Eucharist again descended on August 27, 1997, during Fr. Raymond Spies’ visit to Naju. An intense fragrance continuied (May 1998) from the spot on the floor in the Chapel where the Eucharist landed.
  • Numerous people have regained love and peace in their families and returned to the Sacraments. Many were healed physically, especially while repenting their sinful lives after experiencing Our Lady’s love.
  • Julia’s Stigmata:Bleeding occurred on Julia’s two hands and two feet during her sufferings. Doctors examined Julia and stated that her wounds and bleeding had no medical explanation.

7. Mike Willesee: Bolivia Statue of Christ weeps Blood

Mike Willesee is a renowned Ausralian journalist who made a documentary “And the Stones will Cry Out” of the happenings described below. He went with his friend Ron Tesoriero to Bolivia to document this phenomenon when he heard about it. He was converted back to his faith as a result. Some of the details are described below.

boloivia-mike-willeseeA statue of Christ bought by Ms. Silvia Arevalo, weeps and bleeds in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In the same city Katya (Catalina) Rivas experiences the wounds of the crucifixion of Christ, the stigmata. This Christ statue shed tears of human blood during Holy Week of 1995, the miraculous occurrence took place repeatedly during the recital of the Rosary. It was bought by Silvia Arevalo and started weeping in her home. First tears then sorrowful tears of blood.


  • It was foretold by Saint Don Bosco that Jesus would leave a sign that he had been in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
  • The statue has been thoroughly tested and found not to be fraudulent.
    The statue forms tears of human blood at the eyes that weep down the face, caught on camera .
  • The blood has been tested and found to be human.
  • The blood contained a piece of thorn, identified as a thorn from the Hawthorne bush, believed to have been the type of thorn used to make the crown of thorns for Jesus of Nazareth.

From: http://www.visionsofjesuschrist.com/weeping68.htm

  • There was no genetic profile found:

see https://books.google.com.au/books?id=07HDDAAAQBAJ&pg=PT222&lpg=PT222&dq=weeping+statue+Mike+Willesee&source=bl&ots=Wf_Aw9Xjv4&sig=0FcB_iCNSn3-fjIlhs6Y8sYX9bA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjg7tXn1IbPAhUMoJQKHXujClcQ6AEINjAE#v=onepage&q=weeping%20statue%20Mike%20Willesee&f=false

According to information in a book (see website listed above)- blood samples from the statue were sent to a Laboratory in the U.S. Dr Anne Montgomery concluded that:

  • It was definitely human blood
  • She could not get a genetic profile or DNA code

More samples of the blood were sent to a laboratory in Australia. The conclusion was:

  • It was definitely human blood
  • Strangely missing a genetic profile.

Finally, a sample was sent to a Hospital in Rome, where Dr Angelo Fiori – a highly respected professor of legal medicine concluded:

  • It is human blood
  • Could not get a genetic code.

He stated that he could not explain it.

“The genetic proof is in the DNA and handed down from generation to generation … to have no genetic profile means that there was nobody before you to give you any. You would have to be the …Creator.”

  • Scab of blood:

When a scab of blood was pulled from the plaster statue, Dr. Robert Lawrence a forensic pathologist from the US concluded:

  • This scab was pulled from the face of a person…
  • A process of healing was occurring.

When informed that the sample was obtained from a plaster statue, Dr Lawrence said: “No! It’s not from any statue”

 8. Pope St John Paul II and the Civitavecchia “Weeping” Statue of Medjugorje

jpii-nad-weeping-medg-statueMonsignor (Bishop Emeritus)  Girolamo Grillo has written a book entitled “La Madonnina de Civitavecchia. The true story of a painful drama of love.” It is the story of a plaster statue from Medjugorje that cried tears of blood 14 times. (as reported on 17 May, 2011 in Romereports.com). He said that the pope’s personal secretary, Stanislaw Dziwisz, asked him, in June 1995, to take the statue to the Vatican. This was 3 months after the Bishop himself, had seen the statue weep.

The Bishop explains:

“We were praying for a long time. During dinner, the pope asked me to tell him what happened. I started to explain but I stopped because I realized  he knew more than me. I was impressed. Then he spoke about the meaning behind the tears. After dinner, he told me to keep quiet about this. But he also said, that one day, I should tell the world that John Paul II had revered the image of the Virgin of Civitavecchia. I asked when I should make this public.  He told me, I would know when.”

As evidence of this meeting, the book shows a letter describing the visit between the two. It’s signed and dated by John Paul II himself.

“But Pope John Paul II also said, that one day, I should tell the world that John Paul II had revered the image of the Virgin of Civitavecchia, a statue from Medjugorje.  I asked when I should make this public. He told me, I would know when.

The Vatican however, in particular the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has not made any official statement to validate these accounts.



(from the editors/managers of site) The last story was not news to us.

“When our prayer group went on a pilgrimage last year to Medjugorje, we had been told of this story. The house where this had occurred was pointed out to us. It was explained that one day, someone came and removed the statue, and no-one had heard anything since. (This was obviously when it was taken by the Vatican to Rome).”


Communion on the Tongue and the Book of Truth – a Testimony


While on holiday a few weeks ago , visiting fellow Crusaders in a neighboring country, I had been reading the story of Maria Simma – the Austrian woman who is visited by souls in Purgatory. I thought  “Wow, what a strong revelation, and a strong witness about  the serious offence of receiving Jesus in the hand at Holy Communion.

I told my fellow Crusaders, about my own personal spiritual experience.

It started back in the 1980’s, when I was asked to be a Eucharistic minister. I imagesheard a very distinct voice in my head say, “That’s not for you!” so I immediately declined.

Then, about 3 years ago, I read in the MDM message 132 about receiving Jesus on the tongue. On that same day, I picked up the book I had been reading by Fr. Paul Kramer and read the same thing. As well as these 2 events, on that very same day, I received a letter in the mailbox with a third confirmation.!!! images

This gave me a very STRONG urge of the Holy Spirit to receive Jesus on the tongue, and have been ever since.

Then, a couple of months ago, I was once again askedalmost bullied and badgered – to be a Eucharistic Minister. I told the very insistent woman, herself a Eucharistic Minister (and a Secular Franciscan, she informed me persuasively), that it was not my calling, however it didn’t stop there. When I mentioned my experience in the 1980s she said, “Well perhaps that was for THEN, the time may not have been right, but it is now!” She kept telling me there was a shortage of people to administer Holy Communion and I MUST talk to the priest. I did, and he agreed that if it were not my calling then that was fine. The woman concerned was most annoyed at this, so in the end I explained to her that I’d had a very strong direction from the Lord to NOT have Holy Communion in the hand, so how could I therefore in all conscience dispense the Blessed Sacrament myself..? Thankfully she finally relented and did respect this, agreeing that I must be obedient to this leading from God. Phew. End of the whole hassle.”

 Postscript: I also just remembered something: when Fr Stefano Gobi (MMP – Marian Movement of Priests) visited our country in the mid 1980s, not long after my conversion, I attended Holy Mass where he was the celebrant. When I went up for Communion with hands made ready he ignored them and placed Jesus in my mouth. That memory just came back to me!

By Crusader ChrisB of T

Message from the Book of Truth:

Importance of Sacraments – Marriage and First Holy Communion

6th July, 2011@ 15.30 hours

My dearly beloved daughter, watch now as the faith of my children begins to grow and blossom.While there is much darkness in the world the light of my followers becomes brighter by the day because of the flame of the Holy Spirit, which has descended over the whole world.

Today, my daughter, I wish to remind all of my followers of the importance of prayer to ease suffering in the world. Your prayers are now helping to avert many global disasters foretold.Prayer is the most powerful mitigation and when said on behalf of others, they will be answered.

While I am happy with those of strong faith; I am still fearful for those who are adverse to my divine light, the Truth. Many people now wander around the world as if in a stupor. Nothing brings them peace. Nothing brings them joy.
No amount of material comfort eases their pain. Their empty souls are lost.
Please pray for them.

My daughter, please pray for My Vicar, Pope Benedict, for he is surrounded by masonic forces who are now making every effort to dethrone him, These evil forces have been infiltrating my church since Vatican 2 and have diluted My Teachings. Many laws were passed which offend me, especially the presentation of my Holy Eucharist by lay people. The lack of respect shown to me and my Eternal Father, through new laws introduced to facilitate modern society has made me cry with sadness.

The Most Holy Eucharist must be received on the tongue and not soiled by human hands. Yet this is precisely what My sacred servants have done.
These laws were not passed by me in spirit. My sacred servants have been led down a path not in line with the teachings of my apostles. Today My Sacraments are not taken very seriously, especially those who seek the Sacraments of Matrimony and the First Holy Communion.

The vow of Matrimony is very serious, for remember it is a Sacrament and is made in the presence of God the Father, yet for many it all about materialism and the exterior trappings. Many who receive the sacrament of Matrimony do not acknowledge its importance thereafter. Many break their vows so easily. Why do they do this? Why pay lip service to this most Holy Union only to part soon afterwards? This is a mockery of one of the most important unions Blessed by the Hand of My Eternal Father. Many people do not pay any heed of My Father’s Will that no man shall pull asunder such a union thereafter, yet many people divorce, which is a law not recognized by My Father. Divorce is an easy way to run from your responsibilities. All marriages are made in heaven. No man can destroy a marriage without offending My father.

First Holy Communion
Receiving My Body in the Sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time is another example as to how I am mocked. So many parents pay no heed to the importance of their children receiving the Bread of Life. They are more concerned as to how well-dressed their children are, rather than the wonderful Gift they are receiving. This Gift will lead them to salvation. Yet the materialism, which surrounds the event, has nothing to do with their souls. For Me the saddest part is that these little children are not being told about Me. The love I have for little children is all-encompassing. When they receive the Holy Eucharist, in the full knowledge as to what they are receiving, then their souls become pure. The more they receive me in this way, the stronger will their faith be.

Remember, without the Sacraments, your faith becomes weak.
After a time, if your soul is bereft of my special blessings, it becomes dormant.
All faith in Me and My Eternal Father disappears in time with only a tiny flicker of recognition flaring up from time to time. Return to Me through the Sacraments. Show respect for the Sacraments in the way you are supposed to and you will truly feel My Presence again.

Remember, the Sacraments are there for a reason, for they are the nutrients you need for Eternal Life of the soul. Without them your soul will die.

I love you all. Please embrace me properly, by respecting the Sacraments given to you as a Gift from God the Almighty Father.

Your Loving Saviour
King of mankind, Jesus Christ


You might like to google Fr Paul Kramer and his U-tube videos such as:

Freemasonry and the New Mass

Mystery of Iniquity

Freemasonic Infiltration

Masonic Subversion of Liturgy 1920’s

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A Eucharistic Sign on the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels

A Heavenly Sign

Wolkenfoto-Medjugorje 2+AMDG+

This photo was taken on 6 June in Medjugorje and was emailed to a Crusader.

At our meeting last week, this image was shared with the other prayer group members.

When the readings were opened  (randomly), after a prayer to the Holy Spirit, the Bible Reading was as follows:

Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible, The Acts Of The Apostles Chapter 1: 9-11

“And when he had said these things, while they looked on, he was raised up: and a cloud received him out of their sight. And while they were beholding him going up to heaven, behold two men stood by them in white garments. Who also said: Ye men of Galilee, why stand you looking up to heaven? This Jesus who is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come, as you have seen him going into heaven.”

Mother of Salvation Feastday – special signs in South Africa and Australia


Below is message from Carmen who  is one of the organizers of our regional meetings here in Sydney. (see our previous post – found under “Prayer Group Sharing”)

Hello Everyone, M of S image and basket 4 JUne

Still on high from last Saturday?  I am  🙂    Below is a cut and paste ‘transcript’ from facebook and I had the permission to share it to crusaders for the glory of God.  Fiona has this experience on Saturday.

She is Irish by birth but lives in South Africa: 

“Fiona : Just finished our Prayer meeting and saw something beautiful! As each Hail Mary was recited, a gold rose seemed to float out of each persons mouth and move slowly to a spot where it seemed an angel was standing. At the end of the Rosary, dedicated to our Mother of Salvation, the angel had a very large bouquet of golden roses in his arms and he seemed to disappear upwards with the bouquet! I told my fellow prayer warriors and the meeting used up a box of tissues, all of us, men and women, crying!

Larry : Fiona,… what a beautiful experience

Fiona : It was so, so beautiful and one of the women Elizabeth, at Mass tonight, said she was too shy to say it in front of everybody, but she saw golden arrows around me during the Rosary!”

Further thread of this conversation which I did not include (just too long) made me realise that how they prayed the Holy Rosary was done slowly and with much devotion, as encouraged by our Blessed Mother in one of the messages.  “My Most Holy Rosary, when said slowly and from the heart, will open your hearts to the Truth of this Mission.”

The next story is about our own feastday celebration in Sydney Australia:

“Last Saturday was truly truly special (I do not need to mention here why) and we were so blessed to have been present at the prayer meeting. I know others would have loved to join that day but circumstances just did not allow it.  Prayers are still heard anywhere and everywhere!

My account is not as dramatic as the above but nonetheless God was truly present with us and in us.   We were saying our Rosary that morning and I was seated where the computer was – minding the transition of the powerpoint slides. I remember seeing the other exit door opened (the one near the kitchen), and the other exit door closest to Kay (who lead the prayers) and the Altar, closed. We finished the Joyful and Sorrowful mysteries and we were at this point into the Glorious mysteries. We were all focused in prayer, I remember, and as soon as Kay announced the third Glorious Mystery (the Descent of the Holy Spirit) the doors behind her swung open with a gust of wind!  (no tongues of fire though) but we all felt His presence the entire day in different ways.

To close, we were reminded that day to focus only on Jesus, to stick to the Truth, spread the Book of Truth, the Crusade of Prayers, and remain loyal to Jesus’ final Mission on earth. 

God bless you all.